Why Are Hydrotherapy Spas And Baths Good For You?

Why Are Hydrotherapy Spas And Baths Good For You?

The use of water as therapy isn’t a modern invention. In fact, it dates back thousands of years to Ancient Rome, and its history can be traced through the millennia ever since. As recently as a few hundred years ago, it started forming an integral part in traditional medicine practices around the world, forming the basis of what we know of hydrotherapy today.

State-of-the-art hydrotherapy spas and baths use water to relieve discomfort, promote physical wellbeing and boost the body’s blood circulation, among other benefits. There are a number of therapeutic treatments and approaches that draw upon the healing properties of water for pain relief, also incorporating the body’s reaction to hot and cold stimuli.

The Healing Benefits of Hydrotherapy Spas and Baths

One of the many benefits that you can look forward to when taking a bath in a hydrotherapy spa or bath is the effective reduction in muscle tension and pain relief. How do hydrotherapy spas achieve this? The weightlessness that the bather feels when under water relieves tension in the limbs, while also supporting aching muscles and easing the body’s movement.

Hydrotherapy also stimulates the release of endorphins and therefore acts as a natural pain reliever. This further reduces muscle soreness and tiredness. Many athletes incorporate hydrotherapy in their daily training regimens, as it is a great way to recover after a day of tough training However, it is ideal for use for any person looking to relax and recover from life’s daily grind.

Being immersed in warm or hot water serves to raise the body’s temperature. This increases blood flow around the circulatory system, which also contributes to alleviating pain. Thanks to the improved blood circulation, injured tissues, and damaged muscles and joints are more easily rehabilitated. This is just one more benefit that hydrotherapy spas and baths offer.

Boost Your Immune System and Get More from Your Bathing Time

Increased blood flow and the circulation of white blood cells around the body makes it possible for the lymph to be moved through the body more efficiently. The lymph is an immune system fluid in the body that helps collect and dispose of unwanted material from the body. It therefore strengthens the immune system and helps to fight colds and illnesses. So simply taking a hydrotherapy bath can make your body more resistant to the flu in the cold and flu season.

Hydrotherapy is also an effective stress relief treatment, as it helps to reduce high blood pressure caused by stress. While it slows down the body’s reaction to anxiety, its endorphin release acts as a natural stress fighter. These and many other benefits await you when you invest in a hydrotherapy spa or bath for your home.

Invest in Top-Quality Hydrotherapy Spas from Summer Place Spas & Baths

Since 1968, Summer Place Spas & Baths has been supplying our valued customers with the very latest hydrotherapy spas and baths available in South Africa. We have a sound reputation in the marketplace as a leader in our industry and we continue to work hard to set the standards of excellence in our sector.

Our celebrated range of in-ground and flush deck spas helps our clients to bring home the healing and luxury benefits of hydrotherapy. All of our baths are self-draining systems that ensure dry pumps and plumbing when the bath is emptied. This further ensures a hygienic system at all times, boosting your enjoyment of your spa and bath unit.

Access the Latest Hydrotherapy Spa and Bath Technology in South Africa

Not only do we supply our hydrotherapy spas and baths directly to consumers, but we also provide our units to commercial beauty spas and salons. With our quality and durable spas and baths, you can take your business to the next level and provide your clients with the great advantages of hydrotherapy.

Thanks to our large buying power, you can look forward to accessing the most competitive prices available on the market. There is no need to break the bank in order to afford the best quality hydrotherapy spas. We look forward to helping you access the healing benefits of this incredible technology in your daily life. Contact us to learn more about our extensive range of quality spas and baths today.

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