What is Jacuzzi Bath?

What is Jacuzzi Bath?

“What Is a Jacuzzi Bath?” and Other Common Questions About the Spa Bath Industry

It may seem strange, but not everybody knows what a Jacuzzi bath is. There is also a vast array of other questions that get asked by people when they start investigating the possibility of getting a Jacuzzi or hot tub. Here, we answer some of the common questions we get regularly from people.


Q: What is a Jacuzzi Bath?

A: A Jacuzzi bath is basically a spa bath or hot tub. Jacuzzi is a brand name, and is synonymous with any type of spa bath commonly found in the country, even if the bath comes from a different brand. It is a little bit like a Hoover. While most vacuum cleaners are not made by Hoover, and there are many brands on the market, it is still common for people to talk about “getting out the Hoover” when they want to vacuum their homes. By the same token, a Jacuzzi bath is a spa bath or hot tub.


Q: What is The Difference Between a Jacuzzi Bath and a Hot Tub?

A: The difference can be in name only. Often, hot tubs are used outdoors, while Jacuzzi baths can be used outdoors and indoors. A hot tub or spa bath (or Jacuzzi bath) is a small pool that contains water with temperature controls. This means that you can heat up the water when needed, or keep the water cool in hotter environments.


Q: What Are the Benefits of Getting a Jacuzzi Bath?

A: There is a vast range of health benefits, both mental and physical, that a spa bath can provide. These include the following:

  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Cardiovascular health.
  • Massage of sore or aching muscles and joints, which leads to pain relief.
  • Relaxation and better stress management.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Weight loss.
  • Fun!

There are few things as luxurious as submerging your body into a bubbling Jacuzzi bath at the end of a long day. Sore muscles receive a gentle massage to stimulate blood flow and soothe pain, and relaxation is at the order of the day. Often, Jacuzzi baths outside can also provide the perfect place for families and friends to hang out and enjoy spending time together.


Q: What is The Cost of a Jacuzzi bath or Spa Bath?

A: The cost varies according to the model, size, shape, and optional extras chosen for the Jacuzzi bath. While most people still think that a spa bath is extremely expensive, new models on the market are more cost-effective, and there is a wide range to choose from. This means that it is possible for just about anybody – even those with a fairly small budget – to enjoy the benefits of having a Jacuzzi bath.

The price tag depends on the type of the bath and all the extra add-ons that are chosen. The cost of installation must also be considered, but if you choose a portable spa bath, these do not have to be built in, and installation is a lot cheaper than a built-in Jacuzzi bath.


Q: What is a Portable Jacuzzi Bath?

A: Portable Jacuzzi baths are not built into a particular location. They are erected or installed, and can be moved or relocated as needed. They are generally cheaper than built-in spa baths, and they can be used in a wide variety of different locations. They provide all the benefits that built-in spa baths provide, but they are easier to install, and you can take them with you when you move! They are an extremely cost-effective and practical option, and are built with a timber housing that hides and protects the filters and pumps underneath the spa bath. They are also safer for smaller kids because they sit higher above-ground than built-in spa baths. This means that kids or pets are not likely to fall in accidentally.


Q: Where Can I Get the Best Jacuzzi Baths in Gauteng?

A: Summer Place is one of the industry leaders in the spa bath business. The company is more than four decades old, and as a result, we have a lot of experience and a wonderful range of products. We also have a full-time maintenance team that is responsible for services and maintenance when and wherever needed!

If you have any more questions about a Jacuzzi bath or spa bath, give our team at Summer Place a call today!

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