Turning Your Bathroom into a Luxury Retreat with Corner Baths

Turning Your Bathroom into a Luxury Retreat with Corner Baths

A jetted bathtub is a great investment and relaxing addition to any bathroom. While the benefits of hot water alone have been widely reported over the years, when coupled with jetted technology the advantages multiply. At Summer Place we make available luxury corner baths, spas and designer jetted baths and in-ground spas. We have been operating since 1968 and throughout the years have amassed a loyal following of valued customers who continue to support us.

Summer Place Spas and Baths offer our customers the benefits and luxury of hydrotherapy without them even needing to leave the comfort of their homes. Excellent products and exceptional after sales service has helped us to solidify our market leading position and has helped us to grow into one of South Africa’s leading designers and architects or affordable and luxury corner baths and other spas.

Why invest in a jetted corner bath?

There are many reasons why it makes sense to invest in a jetted corner bath from Summer Place. One of the obvious reasons is for stress relief. When life gets too hectic, we all need a way to decompress. There are many ways people can do this – going for long nature walks, retail therapy or taking a long and relaxing bath in your corner bath. Unwind your mind and take the focus off the stress in your life.

Another reason behind the popularity of our jetted corner baths is its muscle therapy properties. Taking a bath in a jetted tub will give you added muscle tension relief with bubbling, fizzing or swirling water. You will enjoy the comfort and relaxation of having a cutting edge jetted bath right in your home. Taking the time to enjoy a bit of luxury and self-maintenance can be good for the body and mind.

At Summer Place we make available many options for your jetted bath tub, ranging from freestanding baths to corner baths and portable spas and Atlantis Steam Cabins, to name a few. We have recently unveiled our new and improved range of water jets that are to be used in our hydrotherapy bath tubs and other products. Our patented Summer Place Centre Air Induction Jets have long been considered to be a ground-breaking delivery of comfortable and deep penetrating hydro-massages.

Other Types of Baths from Summer Place

We also make available many other baths, including the Moderno Duo Island. This bath’s straight lines are keeping with the latest European minimalist trends and complement the design of the high end imported sanitary-ware market. Its clean lines evoke strong feelings of harmony in timeless beauty and excellent pragmatism. It delivers three 90 litre per minute Centre Air jets, with a one water intake.

The recently introduced Sienna corner bath brings together the very best in the hydrotherapy industry. This beautiful bath will transform any bathroom into a luxury retreat with its spacious design and elegantly curved surfaces. It offers the very best in body ergonomics and is also the very latest in technological bath breakthroughs. The six Shiatsu Micro Jets and 90 litres per minute Centre Air Jets guarantee an effective and targeted water massage that will soothe tired limbs and ease aching bones.

We always work hard to deliver on the expectations and demands placed on us by our valued clients. With nearly fifty years’ experience in the industry, the Summer Place brand has become a household name in South Africa, being synonymous with technological innovation and advancement. Our corner baths carry the industry standard guaranties, which also make it an even easier decision to partner with us.

Our team of seasoned industry experts will work with you to provide you with the Summer Place bath you need and that will fit your budget. We are committed to providing each of our customers with the very best value for their money.

If you are looking for an affordable corner bath that will turn your bathroom into a home spa, contact Summer Place today. Our team will advise you on all the options available to you and help you to make a thoroughly informative purchasing decision and will help you to get the most benefit out of your new investment.

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