Turn Your Simple Bathroom Into A Luxurious Retreat With Top-quality Spa Baths

Turn Your Simple Bathroom Into A Luxurious Retreat With Top-quality Spa Baths

For millions of South Africans from all walks of life, their bathrooms are a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of modern-day living. It is here where you can escape to and relax for a short while, find your grounding again and recharge for a new day. With more and more competitively-priced spa baths becoming available, more South Africans than ever can now afford to invest in spa baths for their luxurious bathrooms.

You can turn your bathroom into a home spa without breaking the bank and then enjoy a luxurious soak in your spa bath any time you want, for however long you want. There is no need to settle for a 30-minute soak at a professional spa, as you can bring a spa bath into your home and turn your space into a luxurious bathroom.

Why You Want a Spa Bath for Your Luxurious Bathroom

Many people know that spa baths provide relaxation, but few know that the spa provides hydrotherapeutic benefits that boost the physical health and quality of life of bathers. Whether you intend to use the bath as a way to escape the humdrum of daily life, or you are looking for a way in which to improve your quality of life, there are many reasons why you should make the investment in this addition to your bathroom.

Hydrotherapy is often prescribed for people who suffer from stress, headaches, arthritis, diabetes, bursitis, and muscle and joint injuries, but many others can benefit from this technology. This form of therapy helps to stimulate the body and it also encourages the release of endorphins. Combine hot water with hydrotherapy treatment, and you will have a therapeutic hot tub heaven in your bathroom. Research shows that hydrotherapy also helps to open your blood vessels up, thus reducing blood pressure while the jets stimulate better circulation throughout the body.

The water’s buoyancy also helps provide the feeling of weightlessness, taking pressure of the limbs and joints. Muscles and skin loosen and relax from the increased circulation when soaking in the warm water and from the massage of the jets. The massaging jets increase blood flow to injured areas, thus bringing much needed relief and nutrients to damaged areas. Many professional athletes also subscribe to hydrotherapy to help them through training and injury recovery.

Sleep Better with Spa Bath Therapy

Taking a long soak in a spa bath raises the body’s temperature, and the weightlessness caused by buoyancy can help to deeply relax the body. This creates the perfect conditions for achieving deeper sleep. Since water is denser than air, water pushes on the bather’s body more than air and helps to support muscles and body joints, therefore making it more difficult for fluids to accumulate in extremities or under the skin.

The pressure exerted by water on the muscles and skin as the bather moves through the water can also boost movement of blood through the veins and back towards the heart. What’s more, the spa bath produces soothing, massage-like sensations on the skin, which results in particular responses from the brain, which are known to help soothe and calm the body. This effect is further heightened by the addition of water jets to the water, thus enhancing the sensations on the skin and in the muscles.

Buy Spa Baths for Your Luxurious Bathroom from Summer Place Spas & Baths

At Summer Place Spas & Baths, we have been helping South Africans buy the best quality spa baths for their luxurious bathrooms for many decades. We are proud of our long history of excellent service and work hard to remain consistent in the delivery of industry-leading spa bath technology. Our company specialises in providing you with the healing power of hydrotherapy with our extensive range of luxury domestic and commercial spas, jetted baths and steam units.

These are only a few of the many types of spa baths that you can source through us. We also pride ourselves on keeping our products as competitive as possible. This means that many South Africans and beauty spas can afford the best spa bath technology available. Contact us to learn more about our company and for all the information that you need to make an informed purchase for your luxurious bathroom.

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