Transform Your Bathroom with One of Our Luxury Baths

Transform Your Bathroom with One of Our Luxury Baths

Back in the day when bathtubs were not a common household item they were considered quite the luxury. If you had your own dedicated bath and bathroom, then you were surely someone of stature. These days having a tub is not just a necessity, but a common thing. Luxury baths however are just that – a luxury. One of the fun parts about shopping for this type of tub is that the market has so many options to choose from that you will be simply spoiled for choice. By chatting to the professionals in the field you should be presented with some catalogues to browse through and this can certainly help you to get a better idea of what you prefer and the type of look and feel that you are after.

While there are many units on the market to choose from there are a few things that can make your choice simpler or easier. Firstly, look for a tub that is a colour that will suit your current home and not go out of fashion too quickly. Natural and neutral shades are a good option. Remember that size is important. A spacious tub that you can lie back and relax in is certainly going to be a better choice than a standard sized unit. Many people choose a wide deep option which is ideal if you and your partner want to share or if you want to spend a few hours soaking in the tub and unwinding from a particularly stressful day.

Different shapes are available for a comfortable lie back and this is something that you should certainly consider. Corner units are a popular option too as they save space and provide the same luxury as a deep and wide tub. Spa baths or those with massage jets are quite a popular option and have been so for many years. These are the ideal feature for a household where the desire to eliminate stress is present.

At Summer Place we have a range of luxury baths, spa baths and Jacuzzis that will have you simply impressed. Our catalogue is jam packed with options for you to choose from and our friendly and experienced team members will be delighted to assist you with choosing the right item and ensuring that you are able to make an educated and informed decision.

Since we opened our doors for business in 1968 we have been working hard to have the most extensive offering of products that present exceptional quality and value for money. Our range has changed, improved and expanded over the years with our focus on quality simply never changing. We ensure that latest trends and modern designs are presented to our clients as soon as they are available and we also make sure that our rates are competitive at all times.

Of course we are able to do site visits where we can measure up the area and provide you with suggestions on which units would be best suited to your available space. We can also do full service bathroom design from the architectural drawings to the final installation. Simply let us know what your preferences are and we can ensure that you are provided with precisely that. Our team is professional, dedicated and hardworking which means that your new or refurbished bathroom will look simply amazing when we are done with it.

Our website offers you the opportunity to browse through our product gallery as well as download online versions of our product catalogues for each and every one of our products. This makes for ease of reference and you can compare different products and rates without complication. Many of our products are used by leading architects, interior decorators and building contractors in South Africa.

If you want the peace of mind that you are investing in luxury baths that are designed to bring out the best in your bathroom and present you with the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and de-stress then our product range is perfect for you. Take the time to chat to us at Summer Place about your specific needs and you will soon find yourself presented with a range of options and detailed quotations for your perusal and consideration.

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