Tips On Selecting The Perfect Jacuzzi Tubs

Tips On Selecting The Perfect Jacuzzi Tubs

There are a whole lot of benefits and joys associated with installing Jacuzzi tubs. They are really more than outdoor giant bath tubs – not only do they provide the perfect setting for relaxation or enjoying sundowners with a partner, but they are also very good for your body and mind! Because the water circulates all the time with the help of some serious water jets, it helps to stimulate your blood circulation, and can massage tired and sore muscles after a hectic workout. The warm water also helps to soothe the body and mind, and this really helps with stress management.

Nowadays, there are so many different types of Jacuzzi tubs on the market. We are no longer stuck with a simple tub with bubbles; the variety on the market is mind-blowing. You can now even get a tub that facilitates stationary swimming, and these are rising in popularity because not everyone has the space in their gardens or homes to put in a lap pool. This means that you can get all the swimming exercise you need, and afterwards, relax in a bubble-filled Jacuzzi to soothe those tired muscles.

When it comes to choosing between all the different types of Jacuzzi tubs available, you have to find the most suitable options for your needs. You have to consider the function of the tub: would it be for relaxation? Perhaps entertaining? Others may prefer family-sized tubs for hours of kid and parent entertainment. Jacuzzi tubs should be chosen according to your needs, in order to be practical and useful in the long term, and in order to make the investment worthwhile.

Here are some ideas to think about before you make your choice between all the Jacuzzi tubs available on the market today.

Know what you want: There are a lot of different Jacuzzi tubs out there, so it is important to remember that you are able to add different components and functions onto these as time goes on and your needs change. This means that you can start with a basic model and add to it as you need to. First, though, you have to be certain of what your essentials are. If exercise is your main aim, then invest in a fully-fledged exercise model. Most of the Jacuzzi tubs on the market are for relaxation and rest, but others play a really big role in physical rehabilitation, and provide a means of exercise that is low impact. Make your choice of function and colour first, and later you can add built-in sound equipment, coloured lighting, and maybe even a waterfall feature. You just have to be sure what to start with to meet your needs.

Jet power: The amount of jet power you need in your Jacuzzi will largely be determined by the function of the tub. If it is just to relax or soothe muscles after a tiring day, you don’t need to spend a fortune on highly powered jets. If you do need harder massage or exercise jets, you will have to take a little more from your wallet. Just make sure that the functionality of your tub measures up to the power of your jets.

Energy efficiency: In our modern day, and especially in this drought-riddled South Africa, you need Jacuzzi tubs that do not cost a fortune in energy bills and water. This is why you need to take a careful look at what is available on the market, and where you can save in the medium to long term. While it may be cheaper to buy a basic model, it may use more energy and water to run, and in the long term, cost you more money. Maintenance is also a factor, so you have to find out about the cleaning and servicing of the particular model you choose. Size is also vital – it will cost a lot more to heat and power an eight-seater than a two-seater tub! Take the time to find out more about the greenest options on the market!

If you are looking for the best range of Jacuzzi tubs to fulfil your needs, contact our team at Summer Place. We have a wealth of experience, expertise, and knowledge when it comes to choosing the right tub for any situation, and we will be more than happy to help. Call us today.

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