Things You Should Know Before Getting a Freestanding Bath

Things You Should Know Before Getting a Freestanding Bath

No bathroom is complete without the addition of a bath.  It makes the bathroom more functional for the whole family to enjoy – from getting the kids clean with some bath playtime fun, to taking time out to have a lovely long soak in a hot bath.

When looking for a bath you will usually have to choose between a freestanding bath and an inbuilt bath.  The freestanding bath is what it says – it stands free from the wall and other fittings, and only the taps and the drain are fitted to the bathroom.  Built-in baths are usually built into a compartment in the bathroom and affixed to the wall, with the plumbing being hidden and forming part of the bathroom.  Both of these have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is a good idea to do some research before making your decision.

Qualities of a Freestanding Bath

Freestanding baths have been used for centuries long before it was possible to build a bath into a bathroom, and were typically made of iron with paint or porcelain overlay, and weighed a ton!  It is still possible to find beautiful antique baths with ball and claw feet and other elaborate designs, and they always make a stylish and elegant statement.  Nowadays, freestanding baths are made with lighter materials such as acrylic, and this makes them a lot easier to transport, manoeuvre into place and easier to install. However, it is still possible to find baths in the customary iron covered in enamel design.

There are all kinds of shapes and sizes of freestanding baths, and you don’t have to stick to the typical antique designs, as there are very attractive modern versions of freestanding baths that can make a contemporary statement.  It is possible to make the new freestanding bath in a host of designs and sizes, and if you can find a good supplier you can even have one tailor made for your bathroom.  Sometimes they are also made for a specific function – shallow baths for children, long baths for very tall people, or wider and deeper baths that can accommodate two adults bathing together.  Some of the new innovative designs even include spa jets to massage away aches and pains.

Freestanding baths work very well in spacious bathrooms where there is enough space to walk around the bath.  In order to make the bath a focal point you can install the bath in the centre of a large bathroom, and even put it on its own elevated platform.  The modern designs often omit the feet, but give the bath a flat surface to sit flush on the floor, and some are seated in cradles that raise them above floor level.  The taps can be mounted on the bath or wall, and there is a huge range of fixtures to choose from that can echo or contrast the style of the bath.

Freestanding baths can be fairly expensive and are usually more expensive than built-in models.  They usually also require additional plumbing and extra fixtures which may increase the cost.  As freestanding baths are typically heavier and put more pressure on the floor, it is essential that you ensure that the floor can sustain the weight of a full bath with people inside.

New Contemporary Touches

A freestanding bath will definitely add a touch of class and originality to your bathroom.  The more contemporary styles and designs have been fashioned to remain up to date with modern decoration trends and functionality has been increased, so they can also be used as spa baths.  Some are even ergonomically designed to offer support in certain regions for people with physical problems, and even stress-releasing lights have been incorporated in some cases!  New technology also allows for more consistent heating in the spa functions and you will never be left in a cold spa bath.  As a result there has been a marked increase in sales of freestanding baths, and freestanding baths are fast becoming the most stylish choice for modern bathrooms.

If you would like to know more about the types of freestanding baths available, contact Summer Place for great advice and classic range of beautiful and stylish baths.  Our friendly consultants would love to help, and we will be able to advise you on the best type of bath for your new bathroom.  You can even order a bath online from our website.  Contact us today for great service, fantastic products and reasonable prices.

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