The Health Benefits of a Portable Jacuzzi

The Health Benefits of a Portable Jacuzzi

In some instances people may find that a Jacuzzi installation is too expensive or impractical and prefer to opt for a portable Jacuzzi which requires minimal setup. The main section of a potable option is constructed with inflatable heavy duty materials, which provide all the same benefits of the more expensive permanent versions. This version is ideal for people living in small spaces or who are renting a home, as this version required very little effort when moving.

Many property owners are not amicable to tenants installing permanent spas and hot tubs, so options such as portable versions still allow people that rent to enjoy a relaxing spa and all the benefits a spa provides. These hot tubs inflate easily and can be filled with water using a garden hose. To make the water warm and bubbly and create a water jet action, a small motorized is attached to the tub.

Setting up a New Hot Tub

Before setting up your portable hot tub, you need to find a spot on your lawn or patio that is completely level. It is highly recommended that the ground area be properly prepared if you intent placing the hot tub in your back yard, by creating a level spot in order to rest the main unit on top. Once your unit has been placed and is level, the tub can then be inflated with a hand pump. There are some models that come with an automatic pump that works with electricity.

Once the portable s been inflated, the heater and pump is then positioned and connected to the Jacuzzi and then only do you connect the water supply. Once the tub is filled, turn the pump on and wait for the water to heat up. A basic portable hot tub can accommodate four people comfortably. The tub comprises of either four to six water jets that are the key function to creating the bubbling and massage action. Those living in an apartment will need to make sure that their balcony or patio is able to support the weight of the tub when filled.

Many people are unaware of the benefits that a Jacuzzi provides for their health and wellbeing. Hydrotherapy has been used for centuries for various illnesses, as the jets of water massage the body as well as provide a comforting and relaxing effect to those that are in pain. Jacuzzi’s are also used for relaxation after a long day at the office. For people suffering from insomnia, sitting in a Jacuzzi before retiring to bed, releases mental and physical stress and help you to sleep better.

Not Just Good for Your Skin

A portable Jacuzzi provides a sift to deep tissue hydrotherapy massage for muscles and joints, which in turn makes the muscles relaxed and joints more flexible. Among the top most benefits is stress relief, as soaking in a hot tub provides a soothing relaxing experience for all ages. Sitting in a hot tub improves blood circulation as well as increase the body temperature and relaxes mind and body that in turn leads to an improved sleep.

Regular hydrotherapy is also beneficial in that it alleviates several health conditions such as lower back pain, muscular strains, foot pain and arthritis. After a workout at the gym, a hot tub relieves minor muscle and joint stiffness and releases fatigue. By adding essential oils that nourish the skin to the hot tub, your skin texture will improve as it opens the pores and deep cleanses the skin, releasing clogged dirt from the pores.

More Reasons Why a Portable Jacuzzi is Popular

Before purchasing a hot tub, you need to do some research on the various product lines and brands. Also make sure you measure the area where you intend erecting your hot tub and make sure the tub comes with all the essential features. In spite of hot tubs being considered a luxury in a home, there are many that are well affordable and well priced, such as the portable options.

A portable Jacuzzi generally cost far less than a model that is permanent, although they are still pricy. If you are suffering from an illness or have chronic health problems, before using a hot tub, consult your health practitioner. Make sure you keep the tub clean at all times to avoid skin or health problems and infections that can be caused due to the tub not being properly cleaned and maintained.

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