The Benefits of Hydrotherapy in Your Own Home

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy in Your Own Home

Hydrotherapy is well known to promote relaxation, improve general fitness, mobilize joints, help develop coordination and balance, help relieve pain and strengthen the muscles. Hydrotherapy benefits in warm water in conjunction with exercise decreases muscle spasm and promotes muscular relaxation, buoyancy promoted gravity, due to the body being resistant to water it strengthens the muscles, and the hydrostatic pressure reduces swelling and help to promote better body and skeletal movement.

You no longer need to visit a hydro therapist, as Summer Place bath suppliers South Africa manufacturer’s spas and luxury baths and the latest jetted bath range offers the benefits and luxury of hydrotherapy in the comfort of your own home. When you purchase one of these exceptional products, the company will provide you with first class back up service. Visiting a therapist regularly can be a costly endeavour, especially if you require therapy on a regular basis.

Hydrotherapy has been proved to be extremely beneficial in that is relives muscle aches and pains, increases circulation which in turn reduces muscle spasm. One does not need to swim in order to benefit and aquatic physiotherapy can be used on its own or together with a rehabilitation program. Hydrotherapy is a great incentive to encourage people to start a land based or gym program.

Recovery Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a wonderful way to help you recover from orthopaedic surgery or sports injuries. In addition one can benefit from conditions such as tendinopathy, lumbar instability, sciatica and back pain, neck pain and whiplash injuries, osteoarthritis, cerebral palsy, ankylosing spondylitis, stroke and Parkinson’s disease, pregnancy pains and accident related injuries. Children or older people suffering from coordination or balancing problems, hydrotherapy will help both conditions. Such therapy has shown to provide long term joint mobility and muscle strengthening improvements.

Hydrotherapy treats injuries and illnesses through the use of hot or cold water and also helps rid the body of toxic build up that is causes by inflammation and joint pain by relieving pressure on the bones and joints and relaxing the muscles. Bath suppliers South Africa offers a wide range of spa baths that range from small to large, that are suitable for all types of homes. After a long day at the office a spa bath will help you to relax both physically and mentally.

For thousands of years hydrotherapy treatment has been around and decades ago Roman bath houses were where people socially interacted. Still today hydrotherapy spas are popular and are fast becoming a beneficial and popular option, especially among seniors as a home health treatment. Hydrotherapy helps you maintain your health mechanically and thermally. Cold and warm baths alike trigger a reaction in the body tissues that helps to improve the healing process and lessen discomfort and pain.

The Benefits Hydrotherapy Treatment

There are several benefits to having warm spa baths such as opening up the small blood vessels that in turn increases circulation and blood flow, heals and oxygenates the tissues and rids the body of toxins a lot quicker. Such baths lessen aches and pains and slows down the body organs, stimulates the immune system and increase certain essential hormones. Hot baths produce moist warm air that opens up constricted and congested airways, sinuses and throat.  A cold spa bath on the other hand helps decrease sensitivity and lessens inflammation and pain in injured areas.

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Hydrotherapy provides numerous beneficial mechanical effects, as the tingling sensation of the air bubbles provide water jets that are similar to a massage motion, that creates a chemical reaction in the body tissues and skin. Your body is only ten percent of its normal weight when you are in water, which in turn removes stress from the bones and joints, relieving discomfort and pain. Spa and luxury bath suppliers South Africa innovative spa selection guarantees to provide body relaxation for all ages.

If you suffer from sever everyday stress or injuries that are causing a debilitating situation in your life, look into the various spa and luxury bath options available. If you are serious about your health and wellbeing these options are well affordable and will allow you to treat yourself whenever needed. Doctors and other such professionals highly recommend hydrotherapy treatment for arthritis and other such joint associated diseases.

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