The Benefits of Freestanding Baths

The Benefits of Freestanding Baths

The Benefits of Freestanding Baths – Find Out Now

If you want to make a statement with your bathroom, a freestanding tub is the way to go. These tubs make superb centrepieces as they’re easy to install and can be placed almost anywhere. You can also find them in a variety of sizes and shapes that match your home’s décor perfectly.

Keep reading to discover more benefits of freestanding baths


Flexible in Many Ways

cloud island deluxe bathAlthough you might be thinking of the classic tub with four gold or silver feet, mostly suited to vintage styled houses, you can now get modern styles as well. Triangular, rectangular and oval shapes are available. Furthermore, you can choose between a single or twin bath, or opt for one of the jetted types.

The fact that you can place these baths indoors, outdoors, against a wall or in the middle of the room is another benefit not to overlook.

These tubs also sport flexibility in that they don’t have to be built against the wall, surrounded by tiles, making it easier to remove if you decide to renovate in a few years.


Spa Functions Available

In addition to the new and fresh makeovers that these baths have received over the years, technology also plays a major role in the upgraded versions and this results in many benefits. If you want to go for an inlay bath because you can get units with massage jets similar to that of a Jacuzzi, you might reconsider knowing that our freestanding units also have this feature. Take, for example, the Cloud Island Deluxe oval-shaped tub – It’s fitted with 12 micro jets and another five induction air jets to give an overall luxury spa experience.


Benefits for Your Budget

Save money on the installation of freestanding baths if the installer provides a fast and professional service. These tubs make it easier to budget for refurbishment since you don’t have to buy extra tiles and caulk to get them fitted.

The units are the perfect luxury solutions to cut costs if you want to expand or add a tub last minute. This is due to their ease of placement.

Have a unit added straight to the bedroom if your shower, basin and toilet have already taken up all the floor space in the bathroom.


Style Benefits – New or Old

If you want to be able to pick something other than tiled floors, then these tubs are a must.

Whether you’re going for an earthy ambience with a pebbled surface and lots of green plants, a country-styled look with wooden flooring or a contemporary and sleek feel, these units can fit them all.

As you can see the benefits of freestanding baths are many. Get a quote from us and order the tub that’ll make your bathroom stand out.

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