Take The Fun On The Road With Portable Spa Jacuzzis

Take The Fun On The Road With Portable Spa Jacuzzis

Many people who rent their homes, or who go on holiday frequently, or who don’t have space for a permanent Jacuzzi installation, opt for portable spa Jacuzzis. If you don’t want to add equity to a home that you don’t own, but still want to benefit from the incredible benefits of a Jacuzzi, you can invest in a portable unit that you can take with you when you move out.

What’s more, even if you go on holiday and your vacation accommodation doesn’t have a Jacuzzi available, you can simply pack up your portable unit and take it with you. These are only a few of the many reasons why portable spa Jacuzzis remain as popular as ever. Just because it is a portable unit, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice any of the great features that you’d expect from a built-in unit.

Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine just what a Jacuzzi will add to an indoors or backyard location until the unit is actually in place. If it is a large, heavy unit with plumbing and electrical wiring, moving it to another location is not really an option. However, lighter and more portable spa Jacuzzis can be moved with greater ease – either from indoors to outdoors, or to a different location inside the home. This is because the units are light and can be moved around fairly easily.

A Portable Spa Jacuzzi is Easy to Install

Aside from the fact that portable Jacuzzis can easily be moved around, and that it isn’t heavy and cumbersome to do so, the tub can easily be installed, as all that is required to do so is an electrical outlet and a hose that can reach the unit. There is no need to dig up the backyard or fret over gaining municipal permits to alter the property. You simply plug in your portable spa Jacuzzi and you are set to enjoy all the healing benefits of hydrotherapy that you would expect from a built-in spa.

The cost of a portable spa Jacuzzi makes it an even more appealing proposition. It offers considerable savings, as opposed to in-ground units that require wiring and plumbing as part of their installation. Portable units use less water, as they are smaller, and also require smaller doses of chemicals to clean and maintain. Over time, you can look forward to saving a lot of money, while still enjoying all the advantages of taking long soaks in your portable Jacuzzi.

If space is an issue either outside or inside of your home, a portable spa Jacuzzi need only be set up when it is likely to be used. It doesn’t need to occupy a fixed, dedicated space, so you can maximise your living space to accommodate your lifestyle. These are only a few of the many reasons why so many South Africans from all walks of life choose to invest in great quality and durable, portable spa Jacuzzis.


Trust Summer Place for the Best Portable Spa Jacuzzis in South Africa

At Summer Place Spas & Baths, we have been supplying South Africans with the very best in spa Jacuzzi innovation since 1968. With decades of experience to fall back on, we are best positioned to provide you with the advice and service needed to make an informed purchasing decision. We are proud of our long service history, and continue to set the standard for excellence in our industry.

As a top manufacturer of a range of in-ground and flush deck spas, we work hard to bring the latest technologies to our valued consumers. Even though our designs are inspired by the latest European trends, all our units are designed to live up to the challenges of the South African climate. We also make sure to only use the finest quality raw materials in all our products. This further ensures that you are set to enjoy the very best value for money and returns on your investment when buying portable spa Jacuzzis from us.

Our team of seasoned sales professionals is always at hand to answer any questions that you may have. Let us use our lifetime of experience and expertise to help you choose the best portable or in-ground spa Jacuzzi for your needs. We look forward to helping you bring home the healing benefits of hydrotherapy.

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