Summerplace Spas l Brand Overview | Luxury Products

Summerplace Spas l Brand Overview | Luxury Products

Summerplace Spas & Baths – For a Luxury Lifestyle and a Host of Healthy Hydrotherapy Benefits

Throughout South Africa, there is one particular jetted tub brand and its range of superior products that stand out above the rest – Summerplace Spas. In fact, Summerplace Spas & Baths is synonymous with luxury spas and jetted baths of premium quality, plus the art of inspirational design – a leading industry name that represents the best on offer.


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The Innovative, Enduring Summerplace Brand

Since the establishment of Summerplace Spas & Baths some 53 years ago, we have been committed to the design and manufacture of our outstanding range of spas and baths. Our products enhance the leisure and luxury that comes with comfortable living.


Inspired by European Design Trends

Although we keep our eye on international spa trends and take some inspiration from European designs, our Summerplace spas are uniquely our own, appreciated and enjoyed by our discerning customers. All spas are not identical, but Summerplace’s products can be selected with confidence. Moreover, top South African specifiers, architects and interior designers prefer our premium products, because they’ve long since recognised the exceptional quality and beauty, whilst our legendary backup service is unremittingly reliable and simply incomparable.


Hydrotherapy Enjoyed in the Comfort of Your Home

Summerplace spas and jetted baths provide customers with the healing benefits of hydrotherapy treatment in the comfort of their own homes. Because our products are designed with hydrotherapy in mind, you can relax and unwind in one of our spas or jetted baths. Our ranges feature cutting-edge jets and the latest spa technologies, manufactured to ensure many years of trouble-free operation.


Hydrotherapy Features

Essential to modern hydrotherapy treatments, our benchmark-setting centre air induction jets combine air with jet streams of water. Air softens the considerable force of the jetted water, adding comfort and a relaxing sensation to the treatment, whilst the water stream still delivers a highly effective, deeply penetrating hydro-massage.


Additionally, we’ve introduced even more innovations to our Summerplace spa ranges:

  • Shiatsu Micro Jets – in clusters of 6 to 14 for a finer, fingertip-type hydrotherapy massage technique and used in our therapeutic Hot Seats.
  • P30 Centre Air Induction Jet – chrome-finished and powerful, delivering 130 litres of water per minute, combined with the corresponding volume of centrally situated airflow.
  • Volcano Jets – a supple hydrotherapy massage, featuring variable water/air pressures via a 150-litre-per-minute water flow, specifically targeted at quadriceps, hamstrings, thighs and calf muscles.


Enhancing Health and Lifestyles

Summerplace Spas & Baths and our premium products guarantee a long-lasting luxury experience ideal for hydrotherapy and ultimate relaxation. Kindly contact us with any queries.

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