Luxury Bathtub Creates Bathroom Bliss

Luxury Bathtub Creates Bathroom Bliss

A Summer Place Luxury Bathtub Creates Bathroom Bliss

The main indulgent element of your bathroom is the bathtub. Whet your sense of opulent bath time bliss by considering the benefits of choosing our products.


Premium Bathtubs to Choose From

Summer Place Spas & Baths has been synonymous with providing premium bathtubs and spas to the discerning, luxury market in South Africa since our inception, some 54 years ago. Since those early days, we’ve remained focused on retaining our leading position in this sector, as this country’s preferred supplier, specified by top architects, interior designers and the like.


Advantages of Opting for Summer Place Spas and BathsFree Standing Baths Inspiration Ideas - Bathtub

The advantages offered throughout Summer Place’s comprehensive range of products are numerous, always accompanied by our unremitting quality and cutting-edge technology.

  • Our products are suitable for homes, the high-end hospitality industry, day spas and commercial health hydros.
  • While taking a bath at home, you’ll also enjoy a myriad of gentle therapeutic massage benefits in a Summer Place tub. All it takes is the fingertip touch of a button.
  • All our baths are hydrotherapy enabled, fitted with state-of-the-art jet systems, which transform your bath times into luxurious, relaxing and rejuvenating spa sessions, whenever you like, right within the comfort of your own home.
  • Our products contain hygienic self-draining systems, which ensure that, when empty, the bathtub and its components, such as pumps and jets, remain thoroughly dry and free of potential contaminants and organisms that thrive in damp conditions.
  • Our designs are inspired by the latest, clean, contemporary European lines which we’ve customised and adapted to best suit the wishes of our selective clients and prevailing local conditions.
  • Choices of sizes and shapes galore with almost no end of options for different room sizes and interior layouts, from straight, symmetrical lines to gentle curves that soften sharp angular shapes into welcoming indicators of comfort and support in key areas of the human body.
  • Models include freestanding island units, built-in tubs, and those that are specifically designed to accommodate couples simultaneously,
  • Superior after-sales service excellence and support can be enjoyed upon any purchase.



As a completely natural, non-invasive treatment, hydrotherapy has a host of health and wellness benefits.

To indulge in the ultimate luxury, Summer Place’s bathtubs are designed with hydrotherapy in mind to calm the mind and body and restore wellness.

Hydrotherapy may involve:

  • Relaxing in jetted bathtubs, such as the luxury models available from Summer Place.
  • Exercises in swimming pools, ideally with heated water, although alternate hot/warm and cold water temperatures may be recommended. Because resistance during water immersion in water is gentle and minimal, aquatic exercise is generally kind to aching or painful muscles and joints since an immersed body is buoyant or at least semi-immersed when seated or lying down in a tub.


Luxury Comes Home

Bring home lovely luxury from within Summer Place’s bathtub collection today. You deserve nothing less. Contact us here to invest in your bathroom bliss.

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