Summer Place Leading Supplier of Modern Spa Baths in South Africa

Summer Place Leading Supplier of Modern Spa Baths in South Africa

Over recent years more and more people have become in touch with what will make them happy, relaxed and calm and for many a long hot soak in the bathtub after work is the perfect way. Gone are the days where all home owners were simply happy to have a standard size functional bathtub installed in their home. These days we want luxury, and we want it now. This is one of the reasons why spa baths in South Africa are doing better than ever before. Everyone wants one and for good reason. At Summer Place we celebrate the introduction of these types of tubs to the market and we ensure that you are offered an affordable and competitive rate to consider when browsing through the options that we have on our catalogue.

Since we opened our door for business in 1968 we at Summer Place have been working hard to manufacture only the finest quality bathtubs for you. We have a popular range of spa units called the Designer Series as well as various standard portable and in-ground spa units for you to choose from. Those who have invested in one of our tubs have certainly benefited from the hydrotherapy that they offer. This type of therapy is known to relax the body and mind and ensure that an individual is provided with the opportunity to lower stress levels and have a healthier daily existence as a result.

Typical spa baths in South Africa have jets installed at various levels so as to massage and reach certain pressure points on the body. While you may think that a bath has a certain shape or design in order to look sleek and aesthetically pleasing, the actual reason is so that you can lie back and be properly supported while the bubbles and pressured water streams are able to reach the correct zones on the body for the ultimate relaxation.

It is safe to say that installing a spa bath at home is not only about the healing properties of hydrotherapy. Such a unit can also add great value to your property and will mean that you benefit should you wish to sell your property in the future. Discussing which tubs are good options in terms of adding value with our sales consultants is a great way to ensure that you end up with a bath tub that serves a multitude of purposes in your home.

When chatting to our sales consultants you will learn about more than just jets and the hydrotherapy opportunities that exist. We will assist you with choosing the right size of tub for the space that you have available as well as present you with a quotation. If you require a professional to visit your home to help with the measuring up and then the final installation then rest assured that we have a team of professional and experienced individuals that are able to do this for you. Various colours and styles that specifically suit your particular set up and bathroom type and size will be presented to you and quoted on. If you have any concerns or queries, we will make sure that we are available to assist you.

At Summer Place we not only supply spa baths to the market, but we also design full bathrooms and ensure that the entire room is put together as per your specific request. After spending a bit of time in your home, your bathroom will become one of your favourite places to be. Of course when you are shopping around for the best products and features to be included you should take the preferences and needs of the entire family into account.

When browsing through the entire catalogue of available spa baths in South Africa, it is advised that you seek out the professional guidance of one of our team members at Summer Place. Our range is quite extensive and we are always adding to it in order to keep it current and have the best and latest options ready for you. Waste no more time – chat to us at Summer Place and ensure that your bathroom design and refurbishments result in a modern appeal and the promise of relaxation that you simply cannot refuse.

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