Summer Place 2021 Catalogue: Bringing High-Quality Freestanding Jetted Baths to Homes

Summer Place 2021 Catalogue: Bringing High-Quality Freestanding Jetted Baths to Homes

Your partner finally said what you’ve been waiting so long to hear: “honey, let’s give our bathroom a makeover and install a gorgeous oval-shaped high-quality freestanding jetted bath!” You couldn’t be more excited as you’ve been reading about the many health benefits of a spa bath – and your bathroom desperately needs an overhaul.

A Lifestyle and Home Improvement Investment

There is something quite poetic about a smooth, curvaceous contemporary or vintage freestanding bath, especially standing in the centre of a bathroom, surrounded by natural light and indoor greenery. Not only does a heated jetted spa bath detoxify the skin, ease insomnia, lower blood pressure, relieve arthritis, and reduce chronic pain, stress and headaches. It turns any dull scrub-up room into a sanctuary. Investing in a freestanding bath is a lifestyle and home improvement investment that provides a significant return on investment.


A Muse that is Sculptural, Sleek, Free-Flowing and Immersive

Freestanding BathsAs one of the top bathroom trends of 2021 – stealing the hearts of millions of South Africans, these Edwardian Art Nouveau baths deliver form, function and comfort all in one. A muse that is modern, sculptural, sleek, poised, stylish, free-flowing and immersive, a freestanding bath is a beautiful addition to any home. But before you choose the first cheap one on a fly-by-night supplier catalogue and hire an off-the-street crew to rip out your bathroom, turn to bathtub specialists who have made bathtubs their bread and butter – partner with South Summer Place Spas & Baths.


Summer Place Leads the Way in High-Quality Bath Tub Design, Technology and Accessories

As South Africa’s leading trendsetters, suppliers and premier manufacturers of high-quality jetted baths and bathroom accessories, we’ve taken the hot tub market to the future. Our catalogue provides the largest selection of built-in corner, freestanding hydrotherapy and jetted Jacuzzi baths. Make your choice from multiple styles, sizes, materials, and hues. We also carry all of the top trending contemporary chrome and copper bathroom accessories.

At Summer Place Spa & Baths, we consult, deliver, install, and provide a maintenance plan – no matter where you are in South Africa. Whether you want to anchor a freestanding bath before the arrival of winter, or you are interested in discovering more about our catalogue and maintenance plans, chat with the bathtub specialists at Summer Place Spas & Baths. Not only does our catalogue provide you with bathtubs you will not find anywhere else. Our catalogue will inspire you, and if you need any decor tips, hacks or ideas, visit our blog.

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