Hot water healing is nothing new. Dating back as far as 2000 BC, Egyptians used hot baths to invoke relaxation and ease pain. However, today’s technology has advanced to make it much more convenient to enjoy, instead of placing sizzling hot rocks into water. More and more people seem to recognise that keeping your body in hot water physically, will keep your health out of the hot water, metaphorically.

Studies from leading universities around the world confirm time and again that there are definite health benefits to be derived from regular soaks in hot water. In addition to helping you live better and enjoy a higher quality of life, spa pools, with their hot water treatment, may help you to live longer too. Studies show that regular swimming can slow ageing as much as 20 percent in some people, by helping them maintain or improve respiration, cardiovascular function and muscle mass.

Merely being submerged in hot water up to your neck has proven to aid cardiovascular health. Since water provides more resistance than air and makes movement more challenging, even the most basic of water workouts can strengthen the muscles and heart. So even just treading water while seated in a spa pool can offer significant health benefits.

Why Should You Care About Spa Pools?

Water treatments work for various ailments, including rheumatoid and arthritis, among many other conditions. If you would like to learn how taking a regular dip in a spa pool can benefit your body, mind and general health, then read on.

    • Achieve better sleep: Few adults get the quality of sleep that they need and deserve. If you want to get more out of the limited time that you have to sleep, establish the regular bedtime routine of soaking in a hot spa pool. Hot water prompts relaxation and increases the body temperature, helping you to fall asleep faster and more soundly.
    • Arthritis relief: This is another popular benefit of spending time in a spa pool. The soothing buoyancy and warmth of warm water makes it a safe and comfortable environment for relieving arthritic stiffness and pain.
    • Lower blood pressure: Research shows that hot tubs can help to lower blood pressure in patients who partake in regular soaks.
  • Pain control: This is another good reason to adopt hot tub routines – hot water is known for stimulating the release of endorphins. These naturally occurring chemicals in the brain kill pain and improve mood. A soak after physical excursion, such as exercise or sports, benefits from the improved blood flow that results from hot water immersion. More nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the body, which helps to quickly remove pain-causing lactic acid that accumulates in muscles during intense workouts.

Choose Industry-Leading Spa Pool Technology from Summer Place Spas & Baths

Established in 1968, Summer Place Spas & Baths has grown to become the preferred supplier of spa pools and Jacuzzis to our valued clients in South Africa. For many decades, we have been at the top of our industry, and we continue to lead the way forward in excellence. With an eclectic catalogue of quality spa pools and industry-leading jetted baths, we set the standard for excellence in the industry.

All our units have their weirs and skimmers surface mounted at water level in an effort to eliminate surface impurities from the spa, thus preventing oil sticking to the walls of the tub. This makes our units even more hygienic for continued use. We also use P30 centrally air inducted high volume jets that produce 130 litres of water per minute, in comparison to the industry standard that ranges from 60 to 80 litres per minute.

Even though design inspiration is drawn from the latest European trends in the hot tub and Jacuzzi sector, we design and manufacture spa pools and jetted baths tailored to the Southern African market. Let us help you find the best spa pool unit for your needs, and bring the healing benefits of hydrotherapy into your home and daily life.

Contact us to learn more about our company, and to find out how we can help you tap into the many great benefits of hydrotherapy. Invest in a better quality of life and choose any of our advanced jetted baths and portable spas for your home or business.

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