Bath | Introduce a Spa-like Ambience with a Summer Place Tub

Bath | Introduce a Spa-like Ambience with a Summer Place Tub

Creating a Spa-like Atmosphere with a Summer Place Bath


While house-hunting or entering a property or room for the very first time, one typically experiences a feeling for or against the place. Some describe this sensation as a vibe, an atmosphere or the structure’s ambience. This sensory perception may apply to the entire premises, or a specific area, such as a bathroom. Undoubtedly, it is always a sensory treat to find a spa bath, like those produced by South Africa’s Summer Place, in these spaces as they instantly create a sense of welcoming luxury and relaxation.


The Basic Bathbath


Usually, even the most basic of tubs is the focal point of every well-appointed bathroom. This is as much due to its size and shape as it is to the bath’s essential primary function. As such, a basic tub does very little, if anything, to create any type of atmosphere whatsoever. Although dominant, it’s simply a practical and functional installation. However, by including a designer bath that reflects the creative talents and skills of dedicated designers, the once-basic installation becomes a focal point and masterpiece.


A Luxurious, Indulgent Atmosphere


A masterfully created bath, like those in the Summer Place collection, definitely makes an impact, which in turn creates an atmosphere of luxury, opulence and indulgence that focuses on the comfort, pleasure and well-being of the occupant.


If the bath features the most advanced, high-end hydrotherapy jets, then viola! You have created a spa-like ambience of the highest standard right within the privacy of your own home. In-bath hydrotherapy treatments are spa must-haves, even more so if you’re creating a spa-like ambience at home.


Further enhance the tranquil atmosphere by adding various luxurious elements typically found in an upmarket spa. The list of additional options is imaginative and extensive. Think of creating a private sanctuary, plus enhancing the cleanliness and hygiene of your surroundings – this forms the basis of an inviting spa.


More Spa Ambience Enhancers


Consider including soothing background music, adding minimalist décor elements, removing clutter to enhance the simplicity of the space and adding matching sets of soft, top-quality cotton towels and fluffy robes with matching slippers. Set the scene with mood lighting, good ventilation and heating, plus decorative elements such as plants and beautiful mirrors.


Your colour palette pertaining to the fixed elements, like the walls and floors, should add to the soothing, peaceful spa-like atmosphere. Soft shades and lighter earthy hues are soothing to one’s sensory system. Add drama, focus and interest with colourful items that are relatively inexpensive and easy to change.


Get Started with Your At-home Spa


The fact remains – your in-home spa and spa-like atmosphere begins with a Summer Place jetted spa bath. Contact us today to create your own spa sanctuary, made possible with a state-of-the-art Summer Place hydrotherapy bath at home.


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