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Shop for Bath Tubs

Freestanding Baths: Why Choose Them and How to Shop for Them

Are you looking to give an outdated wash-up room a facelift, add a new bathroom to your house for extra space or simply scouring the home renovations market for a way to add value to your property? Whatever your reasons for updating your scrub-up-room, there’s no better way to make a style statement or add value to your home than investing in a classic or contemporary freestanding bathtub.


Form, Function, and Comfort

Freestanding BathsFuelled on the Edwardian period, Art Nouveau, and the Victorian era, freestanding baths are the new breed of bathtubs stealing the hearts of millions of South Africans. Highlighting crisp, organic curves and clean architectural lines, these baths are the hottest trend in bathroom design. Heavily influenced by the modernist movement, they deliver form, function, and comfort all in one. Although they take up more space than built-in tubs, making them unsuitable for tiny bathrooms, they offer many additional advantages over built-in styles.


They Work Anywhere and Everywhere – Indoors and Outdoors

A hard-to-miss advantage of these baths is the flexibility they offer. Standalone tubs work anywhere and everywhere. For instance, not only can you place them against a bathroom wall, but they anchor beautifully in the middle of the bathroom as a centrepiece. Further, these in-demand tubs add a little “je ne sais quoi” to any outdoor space and thus add an indescribable quality to your space. You can anchor your bath next to your outdoor kitchen – under the stars or in the yard – surrounded by a rustic bamboo screen.


A Nostalgic Centrepiece Affordable to Everyone

Today’s freestanding tubs are precision works-of-art that come in a wide range of streamlined shapes, colours and materials. Creating nostalgic centrepieces, they are infamous for the vintage-romantic, spa-like atmosphere they bring to bathrooms – from claw-foot to free-flowing geometric and oval shapes. Further, they are affordable and painless to install – unlike built-in baths. Once only accessible to spas, hotels, resorts, and well-heeled, today, these built-in and standalone baths are accessible to every income bracket.

Today’s modern bathroom is so much more than a place to freshen up before work and wash the day away after work. While some people prefer furnishing their bathroom our outdoor area with built-in Jacuzzi-style baths, others have a smaller space and prefer corner baths. Similarly, others decorate their sacred space with vintage-style and contemporary oval and geometric freestanding bathtubs. But before you shop your bath, you must shop for your supplier.


Shop Suppliers before Baths

In the world of hot tubs, quality and installation are foremost. If you want to achieve the best return on investment (ROI), find a credible supplier with a long list of satisfied customers, as that can make owning your hot tub a joy rather than a costly hassle. You want full-service, from sales to installation to affordable maintenance and service plans that are efficient and reliable. Go online, do your research, and find out about their previous customers. An honourable supplier believes in its products. They provide warranties and maintenance plans, and they will gladly steer you toward their customer base.


A Quality Bath Tub is an Investment in Your Home and Wellbeing

A lot like a sculptural piece of furniture than a functional fixture, these sleek and immersive baths are an exquisite addition to any city home, apartment, country house, or healing space. Combining bathing and healing, it is an investment in your physical health and mental and emotional wellbeing. We know this because we are one of South Africa’s leading spas and bath suppliers South Africa.


 We Furnish the Home, Retail, Interior Design and Developer Market

At the forefront of classic and contemporary bathroom design, we are SA’s top trendsetters, suppliers and premier manufacturers of luxury built-in and portable corner and freestanding bathtubs. We supply homeowners, retailers, interior designers, architects, and developers with a wide selection of square, oval, and rectangular shapes in various sizes and materials like acrylic and natural stone.

Whether you’re a homeowner or business after a freestanding tub or Jacuzzi bath, or a developer shopping for various models and service plans – do what hundreds of South African homeowners, retailers, spas, and developers do: partner with Summer Place Spas & Baths. To learn more about our built-in and freestanding models, visit our showroom or chat with one of our friendly salespeople.

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