Selecting a Bath for You and Your Home

Selecting a Bath for You and Your Home

The bathtub is certainly an item with many years of history and intrigue behind it. While there is some speculation as to when the very first bathtub was ever seen and used, we know that it was in fact centuries ago. Having a bath at your disposal may seem like an standard or average necessity in this day and age…back in time, having one was more a luxury. Of course you can turn your bathroom into a zone of relaxation, comfort and the ultimate enjoyment by having the right bath installed for you and your family.

There are various makes and models available on the South African market. Many are imported and so have a luxurious and foreign appeal. At Summer Place we stock a wide range of options for you to choose from and if you aren’t sure which one is the right one for you, let our team members assist you. When browsing through your options with us you will find that you can do so online, at your own convenience. If you want to be personally assisted, our sales consultants can present a range to you and ensure that you are made aware of each of its functions and features.

There are so many options on the market to choose from that you can expect to feel absolutely spoiled for choice. Some bathtubs may be ultra-modern with a sleek design and massage jets included. Others may be designed to mimic old fashioned and antique models such as the ball and claw units and so on. Remember that when choosing a bath you should seek out one that is big enough for relaxing in, has attractive taps and accessories and of course will fit into the space that you have available in your bathroom.

At Summer Place you will find that our catalogue has 13 main standard bathtub units to offer you. Then you can still experience a wide variety of spa baths, Jacuzzis and so on. Once you have decided on which unit is best for you, we can also help with the final installation. This means that everything will be handled professionally for you.

Many people find filling a bath with just the right temperature water, lazing back and simply relaxing, the best part of their day. If this is something that you enjoy then perhaps it’s time to look at investing in a tub that is designed to incorporate luxury and comfort into your bathroom. You will find many options in size and shape to choose from. Square tubs, curved sides, rounded tubs – the options are simply endless.

In addition to selling these units to the market, we are also actively involved in the professional architectural design and drawings of both baths and spas. We have been selling our units to the market for a number of years and as a result, we can offer friendly, professional and accurate advice and guidance to our clients and potential clients.

The market is such that the bathtub you invest in will be yours for a number of years to come, so make sure that you select the unit wisely and are sure that you know precisely what you want before investing in any of the options presented to you. Looking into the numerous options available and the features and accessories offered with each will help you to better decide on the type of bathtub that you wish to include in your home. Remember too that a modern bathroom with a decent bathtub can also increase the value of your property and could be a wise investment in your home in terms of that.

Our show room is located in Johannesburg and we welcome you to pay us a visit at any time in order to learn more about our range and physically see units so that you can envision them in your bathroom. We also have hard copy catalogues that we can provide you with on request.

When it comes to finding a bath that is going to be right for you now and in the future, Summer Place is place to go. Invest in units that offer value for money, product quality and durability – let us help you choose your bathtub.

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