Lusso Portable Jacuzzi

Lusso Portable Jacuzzi


Relax to the Max with the Lusso Portable Jacuzzi

Imagine coming home from an exhausting day at the office or finally catching your breath after dealing with your family duties all day. You likely feel tired and drained, and experience aches and pains somewhere in your body. Now imagine slipping into your very own portable Jacuzzi while warm, aerated water massages the tension away. Sound too good to be true? The great news is that with our Lusso spa, you no longer need to imagine.

How Toxic Stress Affects Our Lives

Due to fast-paced living in our modern world, stress and anxiety have just about become the norm. High levels of stress release cortisol in the body, which is part of our ancient fight or flight reaction. Prolonged exposure to cortisol is one of the triggers in many chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, weakened immunity, sleeplessness, and mental health issues, such as depression. More and more people have to use prescription medication for these physical and psychological conditions.

Lusso Portable Spa

Medication, on the other hand, comes with its own side effects – sometimes quite severe. Not to mention the high cost of medicine, doctors’ bills, and hospital visits, which cause further stress. This vicious cycle continues for singles, couples, and families alike, resulting in a society struggling to get a handle on their health. Changing your lifestyle, fortunately, may improve this state of chronic stress.

Lifestyle Changes You Can Make Today

If you have not already tried it, then you might find it valuable to look into lifestyle changes that improve your overall health. Exercising, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and eating well are all small changes that may improve your everyday mental and physical functioning. Here at Summer Place, we also encourage our clients to look into hydrotherapy. Thankfully, the wonderful benefits of hydrotherapy are no longer reserved for expensive trips to the day spa. Now, you can enjoy them in your very own home.

What is a Portable Jacuzzi?

A Jacuzzi is, essentially, a hot tub where filtered water is heated to the desired temperature and then pumped through pressure jets into the tub. These jets of aerated water gently massage the body, improving circulation and relaxing the user. The Lusso portable Jacuzzi works on this principle. The jets used in a Lusso portable Jacuzzi, however, push 130 l of water per minute into the Jacuzzi, as opposed to the average rate of 60 to 80 per minute. The P30 jets deliver three times the volume of air than other jets used in the industry.

As a new, clean-lined design by Summer Place, our Lusso portable Jacuzzi comes with a few exceptional features that make it a standout model on the market:

  • It is set in NewTechWood, a composite timber with a 25-year warranty. This wood also requires zero maintenance.
  • Pre-set filtration cycles, which save on energy, ultimately lower your electricity bills.
  • Easy-to-remove filters, so cleaning your portable Jacuzzi is no fuss at all.
  • 20 jets and 12 “Shiatsu” jets to provide a deep, muscle-relaxing massage.
  • Temperature is controlled through settings on a user-friendly, digital platform.
  • The ozone generator keeps the water sterile and healthy when in use.
  • A blue, underwater light gives the Lusso a magical appearance at night, adding to its overall aesthetic appeal.
  • The footwell is spacious and comfortably seats five adults.
  • Draining and refilling your Lusso portable Jacuzzi is a breeze. A layflat hose behind an access door rolls up neatly when it is not in use.

The Benefits of a Lusso Portable Jacuzzi

The Powerflo 3 Cluster (with pressure adjustment and directional water flow) in the Lusso is designed to knead out those large muscle groups, such as your shoulders and quadriceps. Twelve micro jets provide an enjoyable Shiatsu “fingertip” massage, which promotes equilibrium and circulation. The volcano jet also increases recovery time for muscle injuries (from sports or otherwise) along the legs.

With such luxury in mind, it may be impossible to resist our Lusso spa, so why not get one for yourself? We welcome you to request a quote today, with the option of having us install it for you. There is no reason to delay when your key to rest, relaxation, and better health awaits you right now.

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