Range of Freestanding Baths

Range of Freestanding Baths

Summer Place: For a High-Quality Range of Freestanding Baths, Jacuzzis, and Above-Ground Pools

While the sixties, seventies, and eighties were very big on built-in baths in modern homes, the free standing bath is making a big comeback, and many homes and stylish establishments now are more likely to install a range of freestanding baths than built-in baths. There are several reasons for this:


  • Stylish Looks: A free standing bath makes a statement of style and luxury. There is such a vast range of freestanding baths out there today that everyone is properly spoilt for choice. Some freestanding baths are set into pedestals made of timber or granite, while others sit daintily on beautifully sculpted feet. There are also freestanding baths that sit with the base on the floor for a more seamless look. Any freestanding bath will certainly warrant a second look from visitors, especially if the bath is installed in the centre of the room with lots of space around it, or in front of a window with a beautiful view.


  • Flexibility: While a built-in bath will require a certain amount of space allocated to it against the wall or in a corner, a free standing bath can be placed literally anywhere in the room where there is enough space.


  • Variety: The marketplace has many different ranges of freestanding baths, and they can come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, finishes, bases, and colours. This means that you will have more to choose from, and that you can remove and replace the bath with another freestanding model if it no longer suits your needs or taste. There are many different looks. For instance, you can choose a free-flowing Japanese model sunk into a timber base, or go fully vintage with a nod to nostalgia, and get a ball and claw cast iron bath. The range of freestanding baths on the market today is virtually endless.


  • Enhances the Look of Tiles: If you have spent a fortune on special tiles for your bathroom, a freestanding bath will show off your tiles a lot better than a built-in bath because there is more space visible around the bath.


  • More Spacious Look: A freestanding bath creates the illusion of more space in the bathroom because the area below the bath is visible, and the eye will scan the expanse of floor space rather than getting blocked by a chunky built-in bathtub.


Why You Should See Our Range of Freestanding Baths at Summer Place

We started this business in 1968, and since then, we have grown a lot. Summer Place has an outstanding reputation as one of the best suppliers of baths, spa baths, and even above-ground swimming pools! Our range of freestanding baths is exciting, beautiful, and stylish, and we deal only with the best manufacturers and names in the business. We run a full-time sales and maintenance service for our clients, and we take great pride in the experience and knowledge of our team. We know virtually everything there is to know about spa baths and luxury baths, and when it comes to choosing the correct model from a range of freestanding baths, we are the people to consult.

When it comes to spa baths and swimming pools, we choose only the best pumps and high-quality product lines, and when it comes to installations, our workmanship is simply outstanding. Unlike most of our competitors, who use PVC covers for their heaters, we build our heaters into stainless steel housing cases that are not affected by temperature changes, and as a result, they do not end up leaking.

We also insulate our spa baths and pumps to reduce noise significantly, leaving you to enjoy your bath in silence and peace. We develop the tooling for the jets, suction pumps, fittings, and switches, and this enables us to provide our clients with complete continuity when it comes to spare parts for services and maintenance at all times. Because we do not have to rely on parts from other manufacturers overseas, our clients do not have to wait when it comes to repairs or servicing of their spa baths.

If you are looking for a great range of freestanding baths, spa baths, or above-ground swimming pools, contact our consultants at Summer Place today!

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