Quality Non-jetted Bath Range from Summer Place

Quality Non-jetted Bath Range from Summer Place

Most people interested in luxury baths today are aware of the many advantages posed by jetted bathtubs. However, these are not the only options available to you. At Summer Place we have introduced an extensive range of quality and durable non-jetted baths that will deliver great service for many years to come.

Our superior range of baths is celebrated throughout the luxury bath industry for their aesthetic appeal and excellent value for money, and continues to set the standard in the luxury bath industry. These bathtubs are also able to accommodate taps on the deck of the baths.

Our cutting edge non-jetted baths include the Moderno Island range, as well as the Moderno Due Island and Clod Island tub ranges. We are proud of the great reception our non-jetted bath range has enjoyed in the industry and continue to work hard to provide our customers with the quality and value for money that they have come to expect from Summer Place.

Why Choose Summer Place for Your Luxury Bath?

We have been operating for many years, providing South Africans with the best luxury bath technology available on the market. Our large industry presence and great buying power combines to make our product offering very alluring and competitively priced. With the best service team to back up each of our products and the knowledge and expertise to advise you on the best product in your price range, you can be sure that you will receive the best value and service for your money.

Aside from our extensive range of non-jetted bathtubs we have an extensive catalogue of luxury baths that offer the benefits and advantages associated with hydrotherapy. The benefits of hydrotherapy have proven to help people live healthier and better lives. Hydrotherapy can aid in rapid recovery from injured or hard exercised muscle tissue and can also help long-term bed patients with circulatory problems.

Body cells will also be stimulated and lymphatic fluid will reach cells far quicker. This will allow minerals and vitamins from nutrition to reach its destination sooner. Finally hydrotherapy will also help assist with toxins and waste removal from the body. These are only a few of the many benefits that hydrotherapy baths offer.

Non-jetted Bath Series from Summer Place

Our extensive line of luxury non-jetted baths includes some of our most popular units. Here are only a few of the many models that you can choose from.

Cloud Island Non-jetted Bath – this new Cloud Oval shaped bath brings clean lines and minimalist ethos to any modern bathroom. The unit offers Convex back support at both ends of the bath and also comes with pop up waste and one water intake.

Moderno Island Bath – after we received a popular demand for a smaller version of our highly successful Moderno Duo Island Bath, Summer Place launched our Moderno Island mode. The design of our Moderno Island tub exudes modern luxury and stuns with its breath-taking simplicity. You will enjoy elegance and comfort in your bathroom without having to ever compromise on quality or ergonomics.

Moderno Duo Island Bath – this non-jetted bath is in keeping with the very latest European minimalistic trends, offering straight lines that complement the designs of the high end imported sanitary ware market. Our Moderno Due Island bath will invoke strong feelings of timeless beauty, order and harmony.

These are only a few of the many non-jetted bath units available from Summer Place. Since 1968 Summer Place Spas and Baths has provided South Africans with the best quality luxury bathtubs, spas and Jacuzzis available on the market. Throughout the years we have also become very well known for our Designer Series of jetted baths including the celebrated Summer Place in-ground spas range.

These products carry our signature quality trademarks and continue to lead the way forward in the luxury bathtubs industry. All our excellent quality products are backed up by expert service from seasoned professionals. This has all helped to create a strong brand and company recognised in South Africa’s leading designers, architects and specifiers.

To find out more about our extensive range of quality non-jetted baths and how you can benefit from this cutting edge technology and beautiful designs in your own life, contact Summer Place today.

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