Portable Jacuzzi

Portable Jacuzzi

4 Reasons to Invest in A Portable Jacuzzi Today!

We usually view spa baths and Jacuzzis as items of intense indulgence and luxury. The presence of a Jacuzzi in any bathroom or patio immediately increases the value of any property, and often, these can only be found in more upmarket properties at the upper end of the financial scale. Getting a Jacuzzi built into your bathroom or patio can be quite expensive, and in the end, you cannot move it around or take it with you when you leave. The expense of having to carve out a space in a building or set aside a specific, permanent space for a built-in Jacuzzi can put people off. Then there is also the maintenance during the times when it is not used, especially if it is outdoors. Many people do not realise that there is a perfect alternative. You can purchase a portable Jacuzzi from Summer Place.

The mental and physical health benefits you can experience from installing a portable Jacuzzi does not differ at all from having a built-in Jacuzzi, but a portable Jacuzzi has added benefits. With both types of spa baths, you can enjoy a whole range of benefits.

It is no secret that the hot water, the bubbles, and the massage jets help to aid relaxation. This can improve stress management and even help with sleep difficulties. Both a built-in and a portable Jacuzzi have the same characteristic jets and bubbles, so regardless of which model you choose, you will be able to relax at the end of a hard day, or even at the beginning of an easy one!

Aches and pains can also be soothed away, and people with conditions, such as joint aches or arthritis find that taking some time out in their Jacuzzi really helps to reduce pain in joints and muscles. In addition to this, a Jacuzzi can provide you with a gentle cardiovascular workout that will help to sustain better heart health.  Other benefits include lowered blood pressure, better weight management, and more confidence overall because you are more relaxed.

A portable Jacuzzi, however, also has some benefits that the built-in model does not. These include the following:


  1. Flexible and Moveable: With a built-in Jacuzzi, your spa bath is basically stuck in the same spot for life. With a portable Jacuzzi, you have a variety of choices regarding the positioning of your Jacuzzi. This means that you can move it outside in the summer and bring it indoors in the winter (or the other way around). You can move it from your patio to your bathroom (if there is enough space) or even into a garden cabin for peace and quiet. If there is ample space, a portable Jacuzzi can even be installed on the balcony of your flat.


  1. Simple and Fast Installation: Building a Jacuzzi can take time, because plumbing has to be installed, cement has to be set down and dry, and then the Jacuzzi can finally be built in. Sometimes, you may even need some sort of permit or get plan approval for the installation. A portable Jacuzzi is really easy to install. Because they are portable, they tend to be light to carry and do not require permanent plumbing. They also basically only require a water outlet or hose and electricity to function. No digging or building is required. The portable Jacuzzi is basically put where it has to go, and is connected to the water and electricity outlets. Et Voila! You can dive in immediately once it is set up!


  1. Take it With You: If you need to move to another property, you can take your portable Jacuzzi with you! Because they are portable, they are easy to uninstall and move, and to reinstall again somewhere else. This means that you do not have to shed any tears because your new property does not have a spa bath!


  1. Cost-Effective: A portable Jacuzzi is generally cheaper than a built-in model. In addition to saving on installation, plumbing, and building, the portable Jacuzzi models are also cheaper to buy than the built-in models. They also tend to be smaller, and as a result, use less water and fewer chemicals to maintain.


So, the only question: Are you ready for your portable Jacuzzi? Are you ready for the superb health benefits you will enjoy when you choose to invest in a Jacuzzi? If yes, give our team at Summer Place a call, and we will show the wonderful portable Jacuzzis and spa baths we have available.

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