Outdoor Jacuzzi for Sale

Outdoor Jacuzzi for Sale

5 Post-Lockdown Reasons to Invest in an Outdoor Jacuzzi for Sale

As a result of lockdown, and coupled with a dwindling economy, you’ve had a tough year. Not only are you working from home, but you’ve enrolled your kids in an online school learning programme, and you and your partner are spending way more time at home than ever before. The past several months have been stressful. The lockdown has probably opened your eyes to just how much money you spend at local spas, weekend getaways, and all those pricey health products that ease your stress and anxiety.

jacuzziWith millions of South Africans stuck at home, and with no end in sight – many people are investing in outdoor jacuzzis. With benefits that range from comfort and relief to just pure fun, there are plenty of reasons to purchase an outdoor jacuzzi. Besides the above, did you know that soaking in a hot spa could have several other positive effects on your life? Here are some logical and healthy reasons to purchase one of many hot spa baths for sale.


  1. It’s Excellent for Romance and Even Family Time

Imagine no phones and no tablets, but just two people, a bottle of chardonnay and some good conversation in a jacuzzi. A hot tub experience allows couples to decompress and connect in a relaxing hot spa, together, every evening or weekend, without having to travel too far or spend money at a health spa. A useful lifestyle item for romantic evenings under the stars, cocktail fun with friends, or family time, these large outdoor baths that we offer for sale, also give grandparents something fun to do when they visit.


  1. Better Sleeping Patterns

Hot tubs, or hot spas, are more than just giant outdoor jacuzzi spaces for lounging with a cocktail in one hand and a cigar in the other. They can also be great for insomniacs. Today, more than ever, people struggle with stress and anxiety issues that inhibit their ability to fall into a peaceful sleep. Lack of sleep can cause serious health issues that limit one’s quality of life. One way to combat this problem, without the use of medication, is to soak in a hot spa before bed. A spa bath will warm the body, calm the mind and act as a muscle relaxer.


  1. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Along with making you feel temporarily relaxed, studies show that the combination of hot water, the massaging action of the jets, and the feeling of weightlessness can significantly reduce mental and physical stress and decrease anxiety.


  1. Reduce Arthritic and Chronic Pain

Bodily aches and pains are a common 21st century musculoskeletal phenomenon, and the number one reason so many sufferers use hydrotherapy. From arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, headaches, and cancers, to chronic shoulder and back pain, bodily aches and pains affect people of all ages for various reasons. Spending time in a hot spa bath with bubbling jets helps circulation and relaxes muscles while reducing inflammation. A jacuzzi is key to easing back, knee, muscle and joint pain naturally.


  1. Lower Blood sugar and Blood Pressure

Unlike Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes is a modern-day disease that raises blood sugar, placing significant stress on the body and decreases quality of life. However, several research papers suggest soaking in a jacuzzi to lower blood sugar levels, thus reducing the need for insulin or oral medication. Besides decreasing blood sugar, these hot baths that are for sale through us, also reduce blood pressure. As soon as you get into a hot spa bath, your metabolism will increase, and this will revitalise the cells with extra oxygen.


Shop at Summer Place for the Best Competitive Jacuzzi Prices in South Africa

If you’re like many South Africans, then purchasing a brand new jacuzzi for sale at one of many big-box stores can be confusing. With so many affordable options found in different sizes, colours, materials, and brands, you want to make sure you’re getting a superior quality jacuzzi, but you also don’t want to spend a king’s ransom.

At Summer Place, our customers regularly tell us they can’t believe how low our prices are when compared to many big-box stores. No longer a high ticket item, our hot spas are offered at the most competitive prices, allowing students, retirees, singles, couples, and families the opportunity to bring one into their home.

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