Our Island Baths At Summer Place And Why You Should Choose Them

Our Island Baths At Summer Place And Why You Should Choose Them

While we are by now all familiar with the concept of free-standing baths, not all of us have heard of island baths. Basically speaking, island baths are free-standing baths that are built to fit onto a tiled island base in your bathroom. They are usually not situated against a wall, and they provide great opportunities to display your style choice when it comes to tiling the floor and the wall. Island baths also come with all the benefits of a free-standing bath, with the added benefit that they provide better display opportunities and more creative ideas when it comes to bathroom design and layout.

Often, islands baths are fitted with jets and air pumps, which make them hugely pleasurable to bathe in. They also provide a fantastic focal point for your bathroom and have an innate sense of style that is hard to beat. European trends have become increasingly minimalistic, so many upper-class establishments opt for island baths whenever they can. The sanitary ware market is now awash with different styles and sizes of island baths. This is because the lines of these well-designed baths are clean, and they evoke an ambience of harmony. The beauty they display is practically timeless, and the practicalities are simply unquestionable. Whether placed against a wall or in the centre of a large bathroom, these highly functional baths operate with taps set on the deck of the tub.

The designs of most island baths include various features that make them highly desirable. These include the following:

1. Air jets with regulation switches to ensure the most comfortable jet power and air flow

2. Air controls that regulate air pressure in the jets. 

3. One water intake for minimal water use.

4. In-line heaters to warm up the water while it is being pumped into the bath.

5. Optional extras include headrests, silent fillers, and complete surround air flow jets.

Choosing island baths for your new bathrooms can bring so much pleasure. If you like the highly stylised and luxurious (yet minimalistic and ambient) bathroom environment, these are the right types of baths for you.

At Summer Place, we specialise in bringing the most modern European designed sanitary wear to our clients all over South Africa. We have a wide range of baths and spa baths available, and all of these are geared towards bringing you the most superb comfort and energy efficiency possible. We also provide a variety of styles and choices when it comes to island baths. Our range includes the following:

Moderno Duo Island: The most basic in our product line of island baths, this very well-designed bath is fitted with three air jets and a pop-up waste remover – and enough space for your partner. A sleek design gives it a highly modern and stylised look, and it will fit just about any bathroom where some serious pampering is needed.

Cloud Island Deluxe: With minimalistic, clean lines, the ethos of the Moderno range is included in this new oval-shaped bath. This range includes six shiatsu jets that are designed to provide soft, yet effective hydrotherapy for tired and worn muscles. In addition, there are five jets that are designed to provide highly therapeutic deep-tissue massages when needed.

Parisienne Standard: Here we extend a serious invitation to luxurious bathing. This bath is made to compete with the typical oval bath, but with added soft lines and jets to provide a most indulgent pamper session. The convex backrests are designed specifically for incomparable armchair comfort.

Sienna: One of the new kids on the block, these island baths are truly representative of some of the newest developments on the sanitary ware market. With this island bath, you can change your bathing experience from stylish and relaxing, to ultra-therapeutic and relaxing! The curved surfaces are designed for maximum visual impact, and the technology that supports this bath is state of the art.

Capri: For those who like to turn bathing into a duo exercise, the Capri is perfect. This is the latest addition to the bath stable at Summer Place, and it is designed to bring shiatsu massage right into your bathroom. With enough space for two, sharing this bathing experience with a partner or a friend in the intimate environment of your own home may be just what you need.

If you want to find out more about the various types of island baths on the market today, and how these can benefit you, give our team at Summer Place a call today.

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