Newest Lusso Spa Baths

Newest Lusso Spa Baths


Elevate Your Lifestyle with Our Newest Lusso Portable Spa


With life as stressful as it is, comfort and relaxation are essential. People who do not take the time to relax may find that their physical and mental health suffers – something most individuals wish to avoid if possible. Families on the go often take for granted that the home is the haven to which one returns for an escape from life’s pressures. Instead, many households live from deadline to deadline, making their way through constant responsibilities and chaos. If you would like to transform your home back into the tranquil, stress-free environment that it should be, then there is no better way to do so than through our Lusso portable spa.

A Little About Who We Are

Before we explore our top-of-the-class portable spa, it is vital that you get a feel for who we are as a company. We at Summer Place Spas & Baths have been around the block a few times. In fact, we were established in 1968, which means that we turn 52 years old this year. Over half a century’s worth of experience in the industry means that we know the meaning of pure, refined luxury – something every client wants to introduce to their home. We manufacture a fantastic range of inground, flush-deck, and portable spas, as well as elegant jetted baths for the ultimate, at-home pampering experience. Partnering with our company means that not only can you rely on our impeccable manufacturing standards, but you will receive only the best service with a smile.

Portable Spa

The Revolutionary Lusso Portable Spa

A portable spa is an item defined in its name – it is a jetted hot tub that is easily moved around because its components are contained within its above-ground cabinetry. This type of spa comes with a few benefits, such as its portability and easy maintenance. Here at Summer Place, we wanted to create a portable spa that would bring all the pampering of a professional massage home. The result? Our clean-lined Lusso model, built with opulence, health, and wellbeing in mind.

Stylish from the Outside

Our Lusso design is set into a surround piece made with NewTechWood composite timber, giving it a truly natural finish that will blend with just about any outdoor (and even indoor) space. The timber surround itself requires virtually zero maintenance and is resistant to stains and fading, which means you will not need to worry about the elements discolouring or weathering your model over time. The best part? This modern surround comes with a superb 25-year limited warranty. If you want to add even more flair to this stylish statement piece, you can select an underwater blue light, which creates ambience and a relaxing atmosphere in the evening.

Circulation, Filters, and Cleaning

Some people falsely believe that hot tubs take a lot of upkeep, but the Lusso’s cleaning and maintenance is far less complicated than a swimming pool’s process. Pre-set filtration cycles and a compact circulation pump save your home on energy due to the its strategic timing and efficiency. Filters on the model are loaded from above for ease of access during cleaning or maintenance. A roll-up, layflat hose makes drainage and refilling your portable spa easy and effortless, requiring not much time at all. You can also opt for an ozone generator, which ensures your water remains sterile, keeping your family healthy and safe.

Therapeutic Benefits

The Lusso also comes with 20 powerful jets, 12 of which are microjets that provide deep, Shiatsu “fingertip” massages. One of the therapeutic features of our portable spa is the Power Flo Three Cluster, which allows for directional flow and adjustable pressure. A variable air pressure mix means that you can target any area that needs massaging, such as the shoulders or quadriceps. The Lusso also makes use of a volcano jet (providing 150 l per minute flow rate) and a P30 centre air induction jet that delivers significant airflow and penetrative massages. Needless to say, our portable spa is perfect for improving circulation, healing sports injuries, reducing inflammation, and relaxing tense muscles.

Other features of our Lusso model include a deep-seated footwell, a lounger spacious enough for five adults, and digital temperature-control settings. Who knew investing in an at-home spa was so easy?

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