Moderno Duo Bath

Moderno Duo Bath

Experience the Luxury of the Moderno Duo Bath in Your Home!

Whether you are planning a bathroom upgrade or building a new home and want the most luxurious bathroom possible, one of the most critical decisions you will have to make is which type of bath to choose. The choice will usually centre around whether a built-in bath or a freestanding island bath would be the most suitable. While built-in baths are functional and can be built into smaller spaces, there is something really lust-worthy about an island bath with jets. There are so many designs and shapes of freestanding baths on the market, but few come close to the luxury and sheer good looks of the Moderno Duo Bath.

Designed to suit the latest minimalistic European trends, the Moderno Duo bath is a beautiful asset that will add harmony and elegance to any modern bathroom. It is effortless in its style, and unsurpassed practicality. It can be placed as a standalone island bath, or it can be installed against a wall. Sleek taps can be accommodated on the bath deck. It is chic and eye-catching, and utterly luxurious to use. It includes features, such as high-power air jets and micro jets that are set into the walls of the tub, a water intake system, air controls, inline heater, a very quiet filter, and other luxuries you cannot do without! It is self-draining, which means that once the bath has been emptied, that the pumps are dry. This ensures that your Moderno Duo bath remains hygienic at all times. If you have one of these stunning beauties in your bathroom, you will never want to leave your bath.


About Summer Place

After being in the spa and bath industry for more than four decades, we are the supplier of choice for many prestigious clients around the country. We cater to private homes, upmarket establishments, gymnasiums, and spas, and we have earned our reputation as industry leaders when it comes to spa baths. We stock a wide range of spas and jetted baths that suit just about any environment, such as the Moderno Duo and Island, the Cloud Island Standard and Cloud Island Deluxe, and the Parisienne range.

We believe in the healing properties of hydrotherapy and relaxation, and as a result, we invest only in products that suit our high-quality standards and provide the ultimate in luxury and style. We draw our inspiration from the most modern trends in Europe, yet we do ensure that  we also custom-build these spa baths to suit the needs of our local client base. Because we have a full-time maintenance and service team, we ensure that our clients are able to enjoy their spa baths without hassle whenever needed. We invest significantly in the parts needed for all our products. This means that we have all the suctions, fittings, and jets needed to keep your spa in tip-top condition at all times, because we do not have to rely on parts that are imported.

Some features of our products are:

  • High-volume water jets that can provide more than double the industry standard in water and air.
  • Surface-mounted skimmers that ensure that all floating oil particles, scum, and impurities are removed from the water during use.
  • Modern chrome on and off buttons that are fitted to the side of the spa. This ensures that the on and off buttons do not tarnish and discolour easily.
  • A strong twin pump system that can be controlled digitally to ensure that temperature can be set with a great degree of accuracy.
  • Stainless steel housings for the heaters (unlike the standard plastic sleeves used by other suppliers). These housings are very durable and prevent leaks.
  • Insulation is provided to ensure that the spa operates quietly and effectively without making a noise.

At Summer Place, we strive to always provide great product quality. Our range of stunning baths, such as the Moderno Duo bath, our portable spas, and luxury Jacuzzis are always a hit in any bathroom. To find out more about our luxury range of jetted baths and spa baths, give our team a call today! We know you cannot wait to get your hands on an incredible buy like the Moderno Duo bath.

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