Modern Freestanding Bath Supplier

Modern Freestanding Bath Supplier

Modern Freestanding Bath Supplier: Why You’ll Want a Parisienne Island Tub

Is it time to upgrade your bathroom or the relaxation area of your home? Then you’ll want to find a modern freestanding bath supplier who understands your discerning taste. The good news is that you’ve found one,

Read on to discover what we have to offer and why we’re considered the premier manufacturer and supplier of opulent baths and spas in South Africa.

freestanding bathWith a history dating back to 1968, we’ve developed a reputation for par excellence as suppliers in the luxury market. Several decades of manufacturing and supply have given us an in-depth understanding of our clients’ wants. And with a distinctive modern undertone in all our products, you can rest assured that the products we supply will fit your home, lodge or luxury spa environment.

Our jetted tubs are modern, featuring self-draining systems, which also mean once the tub has been emptied, the pumps and plumbing are dry. This ensures a clean and hygienic tub environment. Not only is this convenient, but it also leaves the bathing space the way you prefer – clean and ready to use.

We offer a range of jetted tubs that will fit from the luxurious honeymoon suites at the best hotels in the world to ultra-modern freestanding spa tubs. These are perfect for upmarket apartments designed to meet the interior styling requirements of executives.


Explore Our Exclusive Range of Freestanding Tubs

An example of the epitome of luxury you can expect to get from us as a leading supplier of freestanding tubs is the Parisienne Island in Standard or Deluxe. The tub has an eye-catching, elegant design and is as inviting as it is lavish in every sense. The tub features an oval design and soft lines. With the tap on deck option, it’s possible to have even more uninterrupted space in the tub. With a 300 L capacity, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to immerse your entire body in its opulence. It comes with Shiatsu microjets to make every session an experience of sheer delight and opulence.

If you want to share the tub, consider getting the Parisienne Deluxe suited for two persons at a time. It’s spacious and is fitted to provide two bathers with the same water massage experience at the opposite ends of the tub.

These are only two of the spa tubs we offer. View our full range of jetted tubs and you’ll understand what makes us stand out as the luxury modern freestanding bath supplier for discerning homeowners in South Africa.

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