Who says that you have to compromise on quality and use when you have limited space? If you have a small bathroom, you can still enjoy all the benefits and luxuries that a freestanding bath has to offer. They provide many opportunities for homeowners to tailor and design their bathrooms the way they want them.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of opting for a freestanding tub is its distinct design. A carefully selected bath is guaranteed to offer Small freestanding baths have always been popular with homeowners, as there are so many styles and designs to choose from.a memorable design statement once installed in the home. Traditionally, the single design tub with claw feet, appearing much like the old-styled Victorian baths, was the popular choice. Today, there are many different types of small freestanding baths offering a modern and forward-thinking twist on the once traditional option.

Modern freestanding units are designed with both the classic and modern looks in mind, and provide options in relation to their length, depth and shape. There are oval, square and roll-top shapes, among many others, all of which appeal to the eclectic likes of South African homeowners. Installing a modern freestanding bath in your bathroom also helps to renew the appearance of the bathroom. It offers something unique and can become a focal point of the room. When chosen carefully, the tub can even add equity to the property.

Choosing the Right Bathtub for Your Bathroom

Since the bathtub is one of the most used fixtures in your bathroom, it is important to select a tub that you will feel comfortable with for years to come. Another great advantage of the small freestanding bath is its flexibility. While a built-in tub has to be placed against a bathroom’s walls, the freestanding unit can be placed anywhere, in order to work with the space that you have.

If you are particularly proud of your bathroom tiles, you have another reason to opt for a freestanding bath. Since the tub is raised off the floor, you are able to show off more of the tile in the bathroom. When placed correctly, the small freestanding bath uses up less room than a built-in unit. It will not make your bathroom look any smaller. On the contrary, installing a freestanding tub creates the illusion of more space. The open area beneath the bath makes the room look bigger than it may actually be.

Quality and Beautiful Freestanding Baths from Summer Place

At Summer Place Spas & Baths, we have worked hard to provide South Africa with the best quality spas and baths available on the market. For many decades, we have been the leader in state-of-the-art hydrotherapy spas, steam units and jetted baths, and we continue to set the standard for excellence in the industry.

All of our baths are self-draining systems, ensuring that dry pumps and plumbing are maintained in a hygienic manner when emptied. We specialise in bringing home the healing power of hydrotherapy with our extensive range of luxury domestic and commercial spas, jetted baths and steam units. Even though we draw inspiration from the very latest European trends, each of our products is carefully designed to meet the specific needs of our discerning southern African clientele.

Throughout the years, we have worked hard to build a solid reputation in the bath and spa industry. We only use P30 centrally air-induced high volume jets in our jetted baths, which produce 130 litres of water per minute. This is in comparison to the industry standard of between 60 and 80 litres per minute. This is only one of the many reasons why we remain at the top of our game.

Save with Our Small Freestanding Baths

We leverage our large buying power to provide our clients with the most competitively priced baths and spas available on the market. We do this because we endeavour to provide you with the very best value for money. Our team of seasoned industry sales professionals is always on hand to provide you with all the information needed to make an informed investment for your home and your quality of life. Contact us at Summer Place Spas & Baths to learn more about our extensive line of quality freestanding bathtubs.

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