Luxury Spa Bath

Luxury Spa Bath

6 Reasons to Invest in A Luxury Spa Bath for Your Home

Most people love the decadence that is offered by a luxury spa bath. Bathing simply does not get more luxurious than indulging in warm foamy bubbles, while jets massage tired muscles and joints. It is not just an indulgence of pleasure, however, there are also many other benefits associated with installing a luxury spa bath in your home.

  1. Increases Property Value: If you invest in a luxury spa bath from Summer Place, you will get only the best quality spa bath. This means that you will essentially add a valuable asset to the home, and as a result, the value of your property will increase. Often, the increase in property value is more than the bath costs, especially if a particularly high-quality luxury spa bath is chosen with extra add-ons, such as extra powerful jets, self-cleaning properties, sound proofing, and even the addition of speakers to the bath area that create an extra relaxing component to the experience in your luxury spa bath.


  1. Reduces Swollen Limbs: Because there is water pressure on your limbs when you spend time in a luxury spa bath, your feet or legs will become less pressurised than when you are standing on them. Often, hairdressers, doctors, or even pregnant women use a spa bath to reduce water and swelling. However, pregnant women do have to be careful, and keep the temperature comfortable, but relatively low in order to reduce body swelling. It is actually best to keep the water at body temperature or lower.


  1. Improved Sleep: If you are relaxed, you sleep better. It goes without saying that if you are able to spend some time in a luxury spa bath before bed, it will not only cleanse you, but help you to relax better as well. This leads to more constructive sleep and a regeneration of brain cells. This helps you to function better the next day.


  1. Stress Management: In today’s world, it is vital to be able to manage our stress levels. Stress, anxiety, and tension are everywhere – from the drive to work, to being able to provide for our families. Social media, family conflicts, aggression, and high crime levels seem to be everywhere, and it is important to manage these stressors adequately in order to achieve a good quality of life and health. Being able to submerge yourself at the end of a stressful day in a luxury spa bath will help curb the stress, and aids relaxation. It is vital that we take better care of ourselves, and a luxury spa bath is one of the things that will help you to do this.


  1. Therapy for Injuries: Most people, who are serious about their health, tend to take part in some kind of physical activity. Whether it is running, going to the gym, or mountain biking, there are always some exertions that the body find hard to deal with. An abundance of lactic acid during a particularly strenuous session can make the muscles and joints feel painful, and the best cure for this is a gentle water massage by a powerful water jet in a luxury spa bath. Not only do these jets provide a highly enjoyable and gentle massage of the joints and aching muscles, but the warm water also helps recovery.


  1. Weight Loss: Some studies prove that spending up to twenty minutes per day in a luxury spa bath can actually aid weight loss, and allow internal organs to function better. There are various reasons for this. It can be due to stimulated blood flow throughout the body that brings oxygen to vital organs (including the skin, which is our biggest organ), to aiding relaxation, improving hydration, and other factors that may make a whole lot of sense once you install your own luxury spa bath.


If you are looking for more reasons to install a luxury spa bath in your home or business, we can answer your questions regarding the best type of spa bath to get. At Summer Place, we specialise in the provision of the most suitable luxury spa baths for outstanding clientele, but this does not mean that we will charge you a fortune. In fact, we are able to provide answers, and give space-saving and economical ideas with the range of products we sell and install. So, if you are interested in investing in a luxury spa bath, give our team a call today!

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