Luxury Portable Jacuzzi’s

Luxury Portable Jacuzzi’s

7 Ways to Create a Luxury Home Spa (Includes Portable Jacuzzis)


If you regularly visit a day spa, you will know that nothing feels better than having those knots kneaded out of your muscles. The welcoming staff, the smell of essential oils, and that delicious lunch after a day of treatments are divine. For this reason, many are inspired to bring this small slice of heaven into their own home. While having a personal masseuse on standby all day is not possible, you can make use of a portable jacuzzi and create a relaxing environment that works just as well.

We often hear all about how important self-care is, but most people do not have the time or the money to get an expensive treatment every week. Turns out, creating a home spa is not all too difficult. Not sure where to start? We have a few tips to get that same day spa luxury experience right at home.

Neutral Bathroom Colours

This one is down to personal taste, but colour certainly has a psychological effect on people. Think about the luxury day spas you have visited and the colours of those rooms. Distracting shades and wallpaper prints take your focus away from the present, which is where you want to be while enjoying the pampering. Opt for creamy beige walls or crisp, white towels. This may require a small bathroom makeover, but the end result will be worth it.

Surround Yourself with Nature

Fresh flowers and lush, green plants will give your home spa an authentically exotic feel. Transport your mind to a misty forest or jungle where the pressures of work, family, and friends do not exist. Nature has a positive impact on the human mind – why else do we feel so relaxed in the great outdoors? By introducing some lovely flora, you will uplift your mood and help to clean the air with the extra oxygen produced.


Set the Mood with Music

If you are fond of the idea of getting lost in nature, why not play a track with some natural sounds? Birds chirping in a forest, light rainfall, and even whale calls can all be deeply soothing sounds. Alternatively, you can play some of your favourite classical music. Be sure to play songs with a beat that is slower than your heartbeat to help you wind down and relax.


Captivate Your Senses

Bathroom colours, plants, and music deal with what you see and hear, but remember to engage your other senses as well. Captivating all five senses means that you keep your mind and body in the present, without worrying about the past or fretting about the future. While relaxing in that portable jacuzzi, burn a few scented candles or sip some wine. Bubble bath, a mud mask, and anything to ground you in your own body is a great idea.


Use Quality Products

What sets a day spa apart from your hygiene routine at home is the quality of the products they use. Purchase a few luxury brands to use on your “pamper” days, and make it a special occasion. From your hair to your toes, treat your whole body to some exfoliation and nourishing moisture. Essential oils, body scrubs, and a few hot towels on standby are what will elevate your at-home spa experience, so do not neglect this aspect of your pampering.


Invest in a Portable Jacuzzi

Nothing says “luxury” like a portable Jacuzzi. If you ignore anything else on the list, ensure that you at least get your own hot tub. A portable jacuzzi can be placed anywhere in the home (outside or inside), and you can even use it as a bath if you wish. The jets in a portable jacuzzi are perfect for administering a deep tissue massage without you paying hundreds to see a professional.


Nourish Your Body

It is not enough to spoil the outside of your body – you need to take care of the inside too. Prepare a wholesome meal or fresh salad beforehand, and enjoy if after or during your pamper session. If unwinding in a portable jacuzzi with some scrumptious snacks is not heavenly enough, then nothing will be.

While we, at Summer Place, do not redecorate bathrooms or sell relaxing CDs, we do know all about the portable jacuzzi that will suit you best. For luxury jetted spa baths and hot tubs, get in touch with us today. A world of relaxation awaits you.

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