Luxury Bath Tubs

Luxury Bath Tubs

Luxury Bath Tubs are Today’s Must-Haves


As an industry-leading, South African premier manufacturer of numerous types of bath tubs, Summer Place deserves its position at the top of buyers’ lists.

Typically, the luxury tub is destined for professional installation at or inside homes, as well as featuring prominently as additional attractions at hospitality venues and health and wellness centres, such as world-class, upmarket hotels and luxury spa resorts, which nurture and restore the minds, bodies and souls of their guests.


Modern Innovations Offer High-end LuxuryBath Tubs

Most modern persons are accustomed to enjoying life’s luxuries, like the accessibility and use of luxurious bathtubs, complete with integrated, massaging and soothing, discreetly positioned jet spouts.

Such products are created by talented, specialised designers and manufacturers, such as Summer Place, who produce high-end must-have pieces – premium bath tubs for discerning customers. Similarly, bathers and lovers of luxury shudder at the prospect of being without their sought-after ablution and relaxation facilities.


Spas and Hotels

No self-respecting, luxury day spa or spa health resort, nor a multi-starred, world-class hotel would dare to open for business without spa facilities being on the same premises, or immediately adjacent to the areas where their guests are accommodated.

Summer Place offers luxurious options for all – at home or upmarket spas and hotels. At spas and hotels, hydrotherapy sessions are pre-booked. On the other hand, in your home’s bathroom or outdoors, sheltered by a roofed area on the patio, beneath an entertainment lapa or beside the swimming pool, you’re free to indulge and spoil yourself whenever you like, in your premier pick of super luxury Summer Place, jetted bath tubs, spas and Jacuzzis.


2 Luxury Bath Tubs at Summer Place

If regular hydrotherapy and its amazing healing benefits are what you are seeking, then consider the Sicilia option – a top-of-the-line hydrotherapy bath tub. It is equipped with centre-air jets to provide a soothing 90-litre-per-minute massage targeting feet and thighs, while its micro jets focus on providing relief to an aching back with its fingertip massage therapy.

For those who revel in opulent bath-time rituals that offer relaxation and rejuvenation, the Parisienne Island bath will not disappoint. With its elegant free-standing design, this sophisticated piece will complement any bathroom. As a jetted bath, it delivers a soothing massage – an added luxury during your time of R & R.

Insist on tried-and-tested Summer Place products by contacting us now, since balmy summer nights and bath tub pampers await your leisure.

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