Luxury Bath Supplier

Luxury Bath Supplier

Looking for a Luxury Bath Supplier? Summer Place Can Help!

Most people will agree that there are very few things that make us feel as pampered and relaxed as a luxurious bath in a tub that is purely designed for pleasure and space. Often, luxury baths feature added bonuses, such as water jets, which massage away the tension in the muscles, provide the soft feel of bubbles around the body, and provide a spa atmosphere in your own home.

Having the opportunity to sink into a luxurious bath at the end of a stressful day has many benefits, and some of these even include health benefits. Luxury is something that we do not always bestow upon ourselves, but if you purchase a luxury bath, you will have access to some personal indulgence and pampering on a daily basis.

If you have your heart set on having a luxury bath or spa installed at your property, you will need to know more about the types of baths and tubs available, which environments they are best suited to, and how much space is needed. Other factors that need to be addressed include the proper maintenance of the bath (especially if it has water jets), how to look after the pumps, how often these need to be serviced or cleaned out, and which chemicals are suitable for use. Your luxury bath supplier should be able to provide you with all the answers and after sales services that you need, including helping you choose the best bath for your needs, and providing transport and effective installation.

Ideally, your luxury bath supplier should be able to visit your property and measure the space you had in mind to get an idea of which types of baths would be most suitable to your particular situation, and then the luxury bath supplier should be able to provide you with a list of suitable options and relevant costs of these products. Keep in mind that you will also need information that goes beyond the purchase and installation of the luxury bath, such as long-term maintenance costs and servicing of the pumps. Your luxury bath supplier should be able to provide you with all the information needed.

Why Summer Place is The Perfect Luxury Bath Supplier for You

Because we have been in the business since 1968, we have seen a lot of different luxury baths, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and other products come and go. We have learnt a lot about the different types of models available on the market, and where these particular models or bath types work best. We are painfully aware of the shortcomings of some of the models on sale today.

This is why we go out of our way to establish long-term working relationships with some of the best luxury bath suppliers and manufacturers all over the world, which gives us access to some of the most innovative and luxurious baths available on the market today. We also manufacture our own products, and today, we are considered the premium manufacturer of luxury baths and spas in South Africa.

Our client base is large, and we have worked with many high profile clients, architects, and prestigious building project managers to provide the best baths for their properties. We focus on the provision of top-class baths, manufactured from durable and high-quality materials in order to bring you the numerous benefits of hydrotherapy in your home or gym.

In addition to our exceptional product range, we are also a luxury bath supplier that strives to provide the best after sales service with back-up plans, service contracts, and other services in order to keep our clients swimmingly happy. Our product ranges include spa baths, Jacuzzis, portable spa baths, and luxury baths for bathrooms. All of these products have their own set of optional extras and add-ons that can be chosen and installed in order to make the bathing experience more enjoyable. In addition, we are a luxury bath supplier that builds in measures against noise pollution. We use specialised pump covers to protect the pumps, and because we build our own jets, suction pumps, and switches, we are not reliant on external providers or overseas companies for parts and spares. We are also a luxury bath supplier that provides maintenance and servicing teams on a full-time basis in order to ensure that you get the most from your luxury bath or spa.

For the best luxury bath supplier in your area, give Summer Place a call today to discuss your needs.

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