Looking to Buy a New Bathtub?

Looking to Buy a New Bathtub?

Looking to Buy a New Bathtub? 4 Tips to Avoid Getting Soaked


Have you ever had the pleasure of spending an entire winter weekend soaking in a hot spring or enjoyed an outdoor jetted bathtub experience under the stars? A spa bath is a fantastic way to turn any dull bathroom into a healing space. An outdoor jetted bathtub under the stars, however, is like a hot spring right in your backyard. And it’s even better in those cold winter months.



Hydrotherapy Betters Quality of Life


A feature once only found in high-end luxury spas, membership clubs, and the homes of the rich-and-famous, jetted bathtubs are now a staple in backyards and on rooftops. Spa baths exercise the healing energy of hydrotherapy which uses powerful jets to pump soothing pressure bubbles against aching muscles. Soaking in an outdoor bathtub on wintry nights not only warms the body but also detoxifies the skin, clears sinuses, and relaxes and opens the chest and lungs. Furthermore, hydrotherapy reduces conditions like arthritis, chronic pain, and anxiety, resulting in better sleep patterns, which means a stronger and more robust immune system.


Investing in an indoor-outdoor hydrotherapy bath betters the quality of life. It is an indisputable fact. However, looking for a new bathtub to suit space, needs, and budget are where the real challenge begins. First, buying a new bathtub is like purchasing a vehicle or boat. It is a significant investment that requires a lot more than a guarantee. It requires the best, most credible spa bath supplier like Summer Place. Here’s how to choose a new bathtub – without getting soaked by a fly-by-night bathtub supplier.


  1. Shop for the Supplier before the Bathtub


If you’re looking to buy a new bathtub, make sure you buy one from an honest, reputable Jacuzzi supplier, trendsetter, and manufacturer and not some no-name fly-by-night salesperson. Further, stay away from big-box retailers, as you are just another number to them. Instead, shop for a supplier that understands the value of after-sales service. Similar to finding an honest accountant or mechanic, do your due diligence. For instance, research their website, find out how long are they in business, and ask for reviews with legitimate names and contact numbers. A credible supplier will have a portfolio with lists of clients. Should they have no website or portfolio, walk away.


  1. Focus on the Spa Bath Shell


Once you have found your supplier, turn your attention to the bath shell material. Determining the style, cost, insulation and durability, ensure the shell is tough, attractive, and energy-efficient. You have the choice of materials like vinyl, acrylic or roto-moulded plastic. However, there are slight differences. For instance, whereas acrylic shells retain heat, vinyl and roto-moulded plastic shells are not as energy-efficient, increasing operating costs. Additionally, acrylic comes in different colours and contains UV inhibitors that prevent fading, unlike its competitors. Overall, acrylic shells steal the accolades in aesthetics, longevity, and energy efficiency.


  1. Check the Massage Jet Pressure


Jet power is essential as that propels water and air to give the best foot, leg, back and neck massage. Some hot tubs come with a handful of massage jets in many configurations. However, bigger is not always better because large jets or too many jets lead to painful pressure – and a higher energy bill. Start by looking for a bathtub with jets that imitate the natural shape of a back. After this, focus on jet placement because that is just as vital as jet size, if not more. You want comfortable, well-positioned jets that do not jab your body when trying to warm, relax, and heal under the stars. You want comfortable and functional jets that massage your chills, body pain, and stress away.


  1. Warranty and Maintenance and Repair Service Plans


There is a strong chance that you are not an expert in Spa Bath Repairs. Nonetheless, that’s perfectly fine because that is what a hot tub service plan provides. Going much further than a warranty or guarantee, buying a new hot tub means entering a long relationship with the supplier and manufacturer. Similar to industrial equipment or a vehicle, bathtub technology is complex. You want an exclusive supplier like Summer Place that can and will furnish you with a warranty and all the maintenance and repair service plans required. Not only is this to ensure customer satisfaction and protect you from the stress and worry of maintaining your spa, but these plans exist to save customers tens of thousands in maintenance and repairs over the lifespan of the tub.

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