Looking For The Right Jacuzzi In Johannesburg? Here’s How To Choose One!

Looking For The Right Jacuzzi In Johannesburg? Here’s How To Choose One!

Have you finally decided to invest in a Jacuzzi? Do you know how to shop for one, or do you even know what you’re looking for? It’s the 21st century, and long gone are the days of relaxing in small outdated baths. We’re living in an era where people thrive on functionality, comfort, and luxury. What was once a feature used to scrub up has now evolved into a centrepiece where we find solace in relaxing and unwinding after a long hard day. Yes, hot tubs have finally earned the respect they deserve. So much more than just hot tubs, they are a lifestyle statement. When you buy a Jacuzzi, you’re not just investing in a hot bath with jets, you’re investing in your health.

Hot Tub Therapy 

Developed by Candido Jacuzzi for his son, who had rheumatoid arthritis, over the past few decades, Jacuzzis have evolved from small wooden baths to fibreglass or acrylic luxury spa baths that can be found indoors or on your patio, in your lapa or out in the open under the stars. Offering a wide variety of therapeutic benefits that range from a restful sleep, increased blood flow, and relief of muscle and joint pain, to aiding in stress and anxiety – Jacuzzis can also transform any bathroom or outdoor space into a tranquil day spa environment.

Whether for relaxation, entertaining, exercise or healing – selecting a Jacuzzi is never easy. As with any big-ticket purchase, choosing the right one for your needs means sorting through many options. This is exactly why we’ve put together some excellent tips for getting just the right fit and function for your needs.

#1 “Buy” Your Supplier Before You Buy Your Jacuzzi

In the world of Jacuzzis, quality and installation is everything, and if you’re looking for the best return on your investment, then you must find a supplier who shares the same values as you do. Besides choosing the model, the most important choice you will make is the supplier. Unlike a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi comes with many features that require maintenance and specialisation, so partner with a trustworthy supplier that will make owning your hot tub a joy, and not a costly hassle.

#2 Consider Your Reason for Buying a Jacuzzi

A Jacuzzi is more than a home improvement product — it’s a self-improvement product. But with so many different models that do so many different things, which one is right for you? Do you want to relieve stress, headaches or body pain, or are you looking for a hot tub that you and the entire family can enjoy throughout the winter months? Before hitting the sales floor, browse the different types of Jacuzzi models online and decide whether you want a basic model for hydrotherapy, or one with all the bells and whistles. Also, look at size, shape and material. It is worth mentioning that most hot tubs are either made of fibreglass or acrylic. While there is nothing wrong with fibreglass, many people prefer acrylic, as it tends to provide a longer lifespan and service.

#3 Cleaning, Maintenance and Spare Parts

Another important factor to consider is whether you want an in-ground tub or an above-ground tub. You see, cleaning and maintenance can be costly, and the last thing you want is a Jacuzzi that costs a fortune to run and maintain. First and foremost, make sure to choose a Jacuzzi with an energy efficient heater, adjustable jets, full foam insulation, a secure cover, and an excellent warranty. Support and repairs are also very important factors to consider, so make sure that the supplier has parts on hand and will be able to make a trip to your home, should your Jacuzzi break down.

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