Looking for a New Bathtub?

Looking for a New Bathtub?

Looking for a New Bathtub? Freestanding Baths Are the Opulent Choice

Whether you celebrate your individualism with bright and vibrant patterns on the walls or prefer subtle elegance, freestanding is the way to go if you are looking for a new bathtub. When it comes to minimalistic styles, freestanding baths create the perfect centrepieces for spacious bathrooms. If you are looking for a new bathtub that can enhance the interior of a bathroom without overshadowing the rest of the interior, then you will love the simplicity, yet, opulence offered by freestanding tubs.

If you are going for a futuristic look with all kinds of curves and edges, your tub can steal the spotlight. There is no question to it fitting your style, as a plethora of designs are available.


Are You Looking for a New Bathtub?

Below are some reasons to consider one of the freestanding types:

  • The tubs scream flexibility in that you can place them in the centre of the room or even next to a full- size window.
  • Your options are endless, with numerous styles and add-on features.
  • Their durability and longevity are worth the investment.
  • You can’t have a mediocre bathroom with a tub made for the elite.
  • The comfort offered is beyond imagination.


Want Heavenly Comfort and Luxury?

Freestanding bathsWith an oval shape, the Cloud Island tub is the perfect freestanding unit to express your sense of elegance. Indeed, the style is one that will always stay in vogue. It can either be fitted with nine jets or 17 jets for the more daring. This is a simple, yet, deluxe design that can be used as a centrepiece or built-in if you so desire.

Just imagine the sensation of relaxing in one of these baths with dimmed lights and champagne in hand, not to mention the massage you get from the jets offering stress alleviation.


Are You Looking for a Contemporary and Chic Bathtub?

If you’re more about minimalistic style, then you might be interested in the Moderno Duo Island, featuring straight lines and neat corners. It also boasts a 280-litre capacity, meaning you can immerse your entire body in the steaming hot water with ease. With the rectangular shape, it is a superb choice to leave more bathroom space. It is also well-suited for a rectangular-shaped room. If you are looking for a new bathtub, then this stylish piece is a great choice for subtle elegance.


Who Said Curves Aren’t Beautiful?

The Parisienne Island surely meets the standards of the discerning interior designer. With its curvy inside and oval outside, this unit can satisfy the luxury, style, and functionality requirements of even the most critical of guests. You also have the option of two comfortable headrests, making the idea of long soaks idyllic and carefree.

With a water capacity of 300 litres, you’ll want to read a book to stay in longer. You may even need to set the alarm with this one to ensure you don’t miss work or dinner in the process.


Paradise in the Making

While we’re on the topic of what makes your bathroom luxurious, there are many other changes you can make to get it there. One example is to add a couple of plants to filter the air and create that real oasis feeling. You can always get a wooden log for a bathtub tray to add to the earthy ambience. It can be used as a stand for a natural and healthy face mixture or simply a delightful cup of tea at night.

Another magnificent idea is to place a striking divan-style sofa somewhere in the bathroom. You may perhaps place it next to a big window to bask in the sunlight or close to your vanity section. Everyone needs a space to apply lotions or just rest before getting dressed. Let’s not forget that friend who always wants to chat while lying in the bubbles for hours on end. Pay attention to detail and create the atmosphere you desire.

One last tip is to add a touch of personality: make the space your own. Distinguish from every other sleek bathroom. You can do this with art, photos, or even through a feature such as a waterfall wall. It’s your sanctuary, so it deserves to have your stamp on it.


What Next?

Visit our showroom or browse our range of freestanding baths if you are looking for a new tub that will add value to your home.

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