Why You Should Update To A Jetted Corner Bath

Why You Should Update To A Jetted Corner Bath

Why Jetted Baths are Worth the Investment

Jetted baths are often referred to as whirlpool tubs or Jacuzzi bathtubs. Regardless of how you want to refer to them, these luxury tubs hold several benefits for an aching body and have numerous reported health benefits. That said, these types of baths do price in the upper range when it comes to bathtubs. The question is whether buying one is worth the investment. Read on to discover the answer – let us first look at it from a property resale perspective.


Do Jetted Baths Add Value to Properties?


The answer is yes. Luxury sells, and though people might think that the maintenance might be higher on spa baths, the truth is these come with many features that make cleaning a breeze. If properly handled, the tubs will last for years. The secret is to purchase premium quality spa bathtubs as available from Summer Place, where every component is made to be durable.

Also, the higher price tag relates to the luxury and functionality of these tubs. With a range of jets and features to ensure therapeutic water therapy, comfortable seating, and optimal flow control, these spacious tubs offer far more than conventional bathtubs.

Buyers interested in high-value properties expect luxuries, and the jetted spa bathtubs meet the opulence standards you can expect in an upper market home. If you want to add value to your home, then upgrading the bathroom is certainly a good place to start. With such, you can expect to recoup your investment whilst also having the benefit of a luxury spa tub in your residence.


Are a Good Investment for Holiday Accommodation?

bath jet - Jetted Baths

Yes. These tubs add a level of comfort, functionality, and opulence that can push up the per-room rate considerably. When it comes to the marketing of such accommodation, the mere mentioning of the spa luxury in the suite creates desire. If you want to cater to the accommodation needs of discerning tourists or business executives, you’ll want true opulence.

Even if you want to make sure your beach villa or cottage has more appeal than competing accommodation properties, the addition of one or more spa tubs will give you the price and competitive edge. If the property rents out more often because of the added comfort and level of luxury, you will also be able to recoup your investment faster.


Key Takeaways

Not even considering all the reported health benefits of such luxury jetted baths, these types of spa tubs are worth the investment in relation to rental income potential and the higher selling price of a home. Visit the spa tubs section for an overview of the exquisite selection available from Summer Place.


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