3 Tips to Keep Your Jacuzzi Bacteria and Virus Free During the Pandemic

Millions of South Africans are stuck at home, and with uncertainty in the air, the pandemic is causing many people to make some tremendous changes to their everyday lives. As a result, the market is witnessing an enormous surge in Jacuzzis for sale. It is true. Hot tub prices are at their lowest; they come in many shapes, colours, and materials, and you can put them in your main bathroom or under the stars next to your outdoor kitchen or fire pit.

The pandemic has invited insecurity and fear into our lives, and people need to decompress for the sake of their mental and physical health. With people staying at home, falling into bad diet habits and not getting their usual daily exercise, the ripple effects lead to low-immune system response, making them more susceptible to catching the virus. However, one way to maintain a healthy immune system is to soak in a quality Jacuzzi.


Hydrotherapy Helps Heal the Body and Mind

Using the healing energy of hydrotherapy, a Jacuzzi has powerful jets that pump soothing bubbles of pressure against your aching, tired body. Widely beneficial for physical, mental and emotional health, hydrotherapy restores wellbeing by detoxifying the skin, lowering blood pressure, relieving arthritis, and reducing chronic pain, stress, and headaches. The results are better sleep, which means a more robust immune system.

Lusso Portable JacuzziThere is overwhelming evidence to substantiate a Jacuzzi being a top lifestyle asset. Investing in a hydrotherapy bath, indoors or outdoors, will better your quality of life and influence your property sale. However, maintaining the water quality of your indoor corner bath or outdoor whirlpool is essential to enjoying the many health benefits. And with the coronavirus in the air, it’s of even greater significance.

According to the USA’s CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), evidence suggests that COVID-19 cannot spread to humans through the use of a hot tub. However, a recent series of RNA-analyses at a wastewater treatment plant in the Netherlands proved otherwise. Microbiologists confirmed SARS-CoV-2 in incoming wastewater effluent. As a result, regular sanitation and maintenance are essential. If you’re a new hot tub owner or you’re about to purchase your very first model, here is what every hot tub owner should know about keeping their whirlpool clean and virus free.


Sanitize with Chlorine and Bromine

Sanitation is the buzzword in the headlines and on the street, and if you use your hot tub as much as many Jacuzzi owners, it is essential to keep your tub extra squeaky clean. Do this by sprinkling the correct dosage of chlorine and bromine across the water surface, wait at least 20 minutes, and enjoy a sanitary cold or warm water soak.


Ensure the Right Total Alkalinity (TA) Levels

Just as it is critical to test the water for sanitation levels every time before use, you must ensure the right total alkalinity levels. To measure the pH level, purchase a pack of pH test strips at your local pharmacy or hardware store. Place the stick in the water for five seconds and wait for a reading. Anything below 7.2 is acidic, and anything above 7.8 is too alkaline.


Change Hot Tub Water Every Season

The constant monitoring of water quality prevents the transmission of bacterial infections in water. Besides proper water treatment and pH testing, a Jacuzzi requires ongoing maintenance to ensure the water remains immaculate. It also requires fresh water every few months. While many experts recommend changing the water every six months, many Jacuzzi owners prefer to drain, recycle, and refill at the start of every new season. However, this will depend on the size and design of the tub.


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