Jacuzzi Suppliers

Jacuzzi Suppliers

How to Choose the Best Jacuzzi Suppliers for Your Needs

A Jacuzzi is one of the most luxurious items you can ever install in your home. A lot of people in Europe would rather go for a steam bath or a sauna, but the South African climate is definitely more suited to a Jacuzzi, because they can be used indoors or outdoors, and the weather here is perfect for a cool, refreshing bubbling bath outdoors on a hot day, and a hot tub during frosty winters.

Enjoying your Jacuzzi can be a very sociable thing – you can share it with friends and family, and sip on a glass of bubbly while enjoying the luxurious massage of the water jets. A Jacuzzi can also increase the value of your property, as it is considered an item of luxury, and if you have one in your bathroom or installed on your patio, buyers are likely to become more interested in your property. If you rent out the property, you will also be able to charge a little more for the luxury of having a Jacuzzi.

When you want to buy and install a Jacuzzi, it can be difficult to choose the right one from all the Jacuzzi suppliers out there. You need a Jacuzzi supplier that will not only be able to provide you with a high-quality product, but also be able to install it properly, and provide after sales services, such as servicing of pumps, or even repairs (if and when needed). This is why you have to choose carefully. Here, we provide you with some top tips on choosing the best Jacuzzi suppliers for your particular environment and requirements.


  • Stay Local: While there may be a lot of Jacuzzi suppliers that look good on the internet, a lot of them will be based in different towns or locations all over the country. Even if you like the look of a particular Jacuzzi supplier, if they are based in Cape Town and you are based in Gauteng, it will not only be more expensive to get the hot tub or Jacuzzi transported to you, but you will also not be able to tap into their after sales service very well after installation. Rather stick to Jacuzzi suppliers in Gauteng where you can visit a showroom, receive personal service, and have access to all the after sales benefits they offer.


  • Do Research: Once you have narrowed down your choices to local Jacuzzi suppliers, shortlist two or three, and do some homework about the company. Check out their online presence, how long they have been in business, see if there are any large projects that they have successfully carried out, and check for any customer reviews on their websites. The amount of time that they have been in business could also be important. A company that has been in the industry for quite a while has built up a large customer base, and is probably able to provide better services and have a good reputation for their products and services.


  • Do Not Depend on Cost: Yes, we do know that your budget is important, and you have to do your best to remain within your financial abilities, but do not only make your decision about which Jacuzzi suppliers to choose based on the prices of their products.


Often, more expensive companies are willing to provide discounts on other things, such as the delivery and installation, or perhaps a servicing contract can be added. Remember that a cheap Jacuzzi is not necessarily a good one, and often, companies that are trying to get off the ground or are new offer cheaper products to draw more customers, and then they cannot deliver. Inferior installation and other problems may happen further down the line, costing you more money in the long run.


  • Ask for Advice: One Jacuzzi does not fit all environments, and it is vital that the consultants or sales representatives at your Jacuzzi suppliers are able to provide you with the information that is vital to the correct positioning of the Jacuzzi, and the correct type of Jacuzzi to choose for your needs. Ideally, the consultant should be able to come out to your property and make recommendations about the location, space needed, and the ideal products for this space, but if this cannot happen, you need to take accurate measurements and ask for advice and recommendations. Most good Jacuzzi suppliers will be able to provide valuable information that will enable you to make a more informed decision about which Jacuzzi to install. They can also make recommendations about extras and components that you can build in with your Jacuzzi.


If you are looking for Jacuzzi suppliers that will not let you down when it comes to superb products, great service, and added services, such as maintenance and repairs, give our team at Summer Place a call today.

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