Jacuzzi l Size, Style and Features | How to Choose

Jacuzzi l Size, Style and Features | How to Choose

How to Choose the Right Jacuzzi for Your Home

Nowadays, people are opting to improve and enhance their homes with numerous features and comforts that were previously only found elsewhere. This includes Jacuzzis, previously reserved for upmarket hotels, health spas and well-equipped beauty salons, but now an integral component of luxurious homes with high-end features.

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As delighted as you may be to purchase a luxury spa tub, which is also known worldwide as a Jacuzzi, it’s really important to choose the right hot tub for your home. There are various models, each with its distinctive features, styles and sizes to consider before making an informed choice about the ideal unit for your home.


What’s in the Jacuzzi Name?

The original therapeutic Jacuzzi was invented by the Jacuzzi family, and subsequently developed and improved to take a recently invented product, which was to bear their family name to the marketplace.


In 1968, a Jacuzzi family member invented an integrated jetted spa. This is also Summer Place’s founding year. Subsequently, we and our luxurious products have been at the forefront of the South African spa sector, virtually right from the inception of this specialised luxury industry.


Right at Home with Your Spa Bath

To be thoroughly delighted with relaxing, therapeutic hot tub treatments at home, your spa bath must be well-suited to your home, and the features that you need. It’s essential to consider factors like size and style, as well as the optimal spot in which to locate your spa.

  • Compare the dimensions of the hot tub with that of the proposed location, remembering to allow enough space around the tub to manoeuvre comfortably.
  • The unit’s size also determines the number of users who can be seated at the same time. Various sizes, from two to six persons or more, are available at Summer Place.
  • Features should include ergonomic support for your body, especially your back and the position of your legs. Also, consider build quality, design, top-quality components and finish. State-of-the-art jets should be perfectly positioned to provide a stress-reducing hydrotherapy massage, targeted at various muscle groups. The jets should deliver an optimal mixture of air and water, and simple, trouble-free maintenance.
  • Insist on recognised and acclaimed leading hot tub brands, obtained from reputable suppliers, like Summer Place.


Consider the Summer Place Collection

All Jacuzzis in the superb Summer Place collection offer the best features already mentioned, plus a great deal more. If a premier luxury spa that’s right for your home is on your bucket list, contact us at Summer Place today.

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