Jacuzzi hot tubs offer bathers many great remedial benefits and advantages. The combination of buoyancy, hot water and massage from the water jets provides an incredibly soothing dip that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Hydrotherapy stimulates the body and helps it to release neurotransmitters called endorphins. Endorphins help to reduce pain and stress in the body. These are only a few of the many advantages and benefits one receives for the Jacuzzi’s prices.

There are many different options available. Whether you are looking for a freestanding, portable Jacuzzi or a built-in, permanent tub in your home, there are many possibilities that will surely meet your needs. So what are some of the many other great advantages that justify Jacuzzi prices today? Let’s take a closer look at what exactly you receive from your Jacuzzi investment.

1. The Effect of the Heat
The effect of hot water helps to relax the body. It is particularly effective for those recovering from injuries, as it boosts the body’s blood circulation. Athletes and day labourers with sore and stressed muscles also benefit greatly from this form of therapy and treatment.

2. Hydrotherapy
Thanks to the water’s buoyancy, hurt joints and tensioned muscles are relieved. When the body is submerged in water, it is almost weightless. This helps to relieve the pressure in the joints and muscles. The water addresses the physical needs of the body, but it also helps to soothe your tired mind. Studies have also shown that it helps insomniacs to enjoy a better night’s sleep.

3. Massage
The movements of the water from the jets provide a full body massage. When taking a soak in a deep soaking tub, the entire body is treated to a full body massage.

4. Relax
Minimise stress and tension in the body with a full body massage that stimulates the body and releases endorphins. You have to take a daily bath, so why not make it a stress relieving and relaxing experience?

These are only a few of the reasons justifying Jacuzzi prices. You can look forward to many great health benefits when investing in your own Jacuzzi. Get more from your daily bathing rituals with a built-in unit, or take your portable Jacuzzi with you when going on holiday, or when moving properties.

Get the Best Jacuzzi Prices from Summer Place Spas & Baths

Summer Place Spas & Baths has been at the forefront of innovative Jacuzzi design and technology in South Africa for many decades. We are the undisputed leader in Jacuzzi technology in the southern African region, and continue to lead our sector forward in excellence and innovation.

We use P30 centrally air inducted high volume jets that produce 130 litres of water per minute, in comparison to the industry standard that only uses between 60 and 80 litres per minute. This is just one more thing that distinguishes us from our competitors in the marketplace. P30 jets are able to deliver three times the air volume of any other spa jet.

Providing our clients with more than just the best Jacuzzi prices available on the market, our company always uses surface mounted skimmers and weirs that are water level. This helps to get rid of surface impurities from the spa, and also helps to prevent oil build up from sticking to the spa’s walls, known for causing an unpleasant scum line at water level.

All of our pump units are twin pump systems that are digitally controlled, which provides accurate temperatures of up to 0.1ºC. Reliable backup protection on heating systems comes standard with all of our units. We are proud of our long history of excellent service in the sector and continue to provide our customers with the best Jacuzzi prices and units available on the market.

Don’t settle for anything less than what you’re worth. Get more value from your Jacuzzi experience and investment, and partner with one of southern Africa’s leaders in the sector. Our team of sales professionals is at hand to help you make the best purchasing decision and get the unit that your family wants. Contact us at Summer Place Spas & Baths to learn more about our products and solutions, and how they can benefit your quality of life.

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