Jacuzzi Prices

Jacuzzi Prices

Improve Your Lifestyle and Health with a Jacuzzi at Prices You Can Finally Afford

Your bathroom might be the smallest room in the house, but that does not mean it has to have the least personality. Modern bathrooms are so much more than just a space to scrub-up after a hard day. Similar to the modern kitchen – defined by both form and function, today’s bathrooms provide the perfect mix of practicality, luxury, convenience and style. However, as bathrooms become ever more indulgent, so the popularity of the Jacuzzi increases.

JacuzziUsed by many cultures since Roman times, Jacuzzi baths are so much more than just accessories for the wealthy. A feature once only found in spas, gyms, clubs, and the homes of the rich and famous, hot tub baths are now a staple in houses, townhouses and loft apartments in South Africa. Used throughout each season of the year – even in summer, these indoor, backyard or rooftop centrepieces are an investment in health and lifestyle. Moreover, in contemporary times, the price of a Jacuzzi may surprise you – in the best possible way.


A Jacuzzi is an Investment in Health and Comfort

The benefits of slipping into a jetted hot spa are many. For years, experts have studied the healing power of hydrotherapy to restore health and wellbeing, and the Jacuzzi detoxifies the skin, eases insomnia, lowers blood pressure, relieves arthritis, and reduces chronic pain, stress and headaches.

A lifestyle and home improvement investment, investing in a luxury bath will better your quality of life and add interest to your property if you are putting it on the market. Whether you are a business or homeowner thinking about turning your scrub-up room or outdoor entertainment area into a sanctuary, you’re probably concerned about Jacuzzi prices. Luckily, right now, hot tubs are affordable.


Jacuzzi Prices are Lower Than You Might Expect

There is a surge in hot tub purchases, and Jacuzzi prices are at an all-time low, which is fantastic news as anyone can now install their very own spa at home, in the bathroom or under the stars. However, you will pay for the latest tubs that feature high-tech advances like LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, and enhanced hydrotherapy options. Jacuzzi prices vary according to features, but this does not mean you have to purchase the latest one. The rule for choosing a Jacuzzi is to buy the one that meets your needs and budget.

A staple for modern bathroom design and currently one of the hottest home installation trends, a Jacuzzi will never fail in delivering – unless you buy a cheap one with no guarantees or after-sales support from a fly-by-night supplier. Similar to a vehicle, or even a professional racing bike, a hot tub requires ongoing servicing, maintenance and repairs. To ensure your asset lasts up to 20 years, you will need to partner with a reliable, accredited hot tub supplier and installer that specialises in all the latest models – and preferably one that will be around tomorrow, like Summer Place Spas & Baths.

While Jacuzzi prices vary depending on the features it offers, you will never pay more than you have to at Summer Place Spas & Baths. Providing a combination of both traditional and modern models inspired by European trends, we are one of South Africa’s leading trendsetters, suppliers and premier manufacturers of baths.


A Small Price to Pay for a Modern Necessity

A Jacuzzi is a modern lifestyle necessity, and a small price to pay for what you get. At Summer Place Spa & Baths, we supply premier baths that balance style, quality, and value for money. With showrooms in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, our built-in and portable hydrotherapy and jetted Jacuzzi baths come in a wide range of designs, sizes, materials and colours.


The Top Choice for Homes, Developers, Businesses and Architects

As the top partner of choice for homes, developers, businesses, architects, and the hospitality industry, not only do we have an excellent reputation for furnishing the nation with quality brands, but all our baths come with guarantees, warranties, and maintenance and service plans. Further, our relationships with industry-leading brands allow us to provide you with Jacuzzi prices that no store can match.

To get a Jacuzzi installed this summer or to learn more about our extensive range of models with all the latest technological features – at prices that no other store can beat – get hold of us today. We have so many affordable Jacuzzi models to show you.

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