Jacuzzi or Hot Tub – What’s the Difference?

Jacuzzi or Hot Tub – What’s the Difference?

What is the Difference Between a Hot Tub and Jacuzzi?

Jacuzzi is such a widely used term for whirlpool spas, that people mistakenly believe it to be the industry term for jetted pools and whirlpool hot tubs. So, nobody would blame you for searching for jacuzzi when you’re really looking for a hot tub.


Why Do People Make the Mistake of Calling a Hot Tub a Jacuzzi?


A brand often does such a good job at marketing that it becomes the go-to term for a product or industry. For example, people now often state “Google it” when they mean “search for it through a search engine” or they talk about a BOB machine when they refer to the bank’s automated cash withdrawal machine. Brand dilution is not uncommon and something to guard against. Jacuzzi is actually a trademark product from a company. It so happens to be a whirlpool-type tub and due to widespread use of the name, people to this day still mistakenly search for a hot tub, using the term.

Jacuzzi to Elevate Your Home

Where Can You Find Hot Tubs in South Africa?


Fortunately, you won’t have to search anymore. Summer Place is one of the leading manufacturers of quality jetted baths and luxury spas in the country. Among the range of Summer Place’s manufactured inground and flushdeck spas are the Lusso Portable Spa, the Mini Gemini Flushdeck and the Classic Flushdeck spas. View the range of spas here to get an idea of the comfort, luxury, and functionality you can expect when buying one of these spacious spas.


Also forming part of the spa range is the portable spa collection with the Lusso Portable Spa as an example. The spa design offers clean lines and comfortable seating and a stunning composite surround offers sturdy housing. The timber is fade- and stain-resistant for longevity and low maintenance.


What About Jetted Baths?


If you’re looking for a jetted spa bath then you’ll fall in love with the range of round, island, corner and dual baths, fitted with jets for hydrotherapy and relaxing massaging at home while bathing. These include the Moderna to the luxury Venus, fit for royalty. These baths add value to your home and step up the luxury level of bathing. Have a look at the exquisite range of baths to get a glimpse of the plush indulgence you can expect when you purchase a bath from Summer Place.


Now that we’ve cleared up the confusion about the term “jacuzzi”, you know you have found the right place for a hot tub or even a jetted bath. Visit our showrooms or reach out for more information on our products.

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