Jacuzzi Maintenance Can Prevent Jacuzzi Repairs

Jacuzzi Maintenance Can Prevent Jacuzzi Repairs

If you are one of the lucky people who have a Jacuzzi you will know that there are few things that can soothe away the effects of a hard day like a long bath in your Jacuzzi, and these baths are considered a great addition to any household.  However, your Jacuzzi may become a pain in the neck if you do not maintain it properly.  There are many things that can go wrong, and certain things must be done more regularly than others, but always on schedule.  This will not only prevent your hot tub from becoming a breeding ground for germs, but will also help to avoid large Jacuzzi repair bills.

Four Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Hot Tub in Good Shape

1. Circulation!  Ensure that the hot tub does not sit static full of water and that the water is circulated every day.  The length of the circulation run will depend on how many people used the Jacuzzi during the previous 24 hours, but generally it is considered adequate to circulate the water for about an hour per day.  Check the water after circulation – if it is not completely clear, then additional circulation may be needed.  Remember that everyone who sits in a Jacuzzi leaves behind skill cells and hair, and as such it is essential that the water is cleaned by circulating it on a regular basis.

2. Filter cleaning:  The filters can only clean the hot tub properly when they are clean, and these should be cleaned on a weekly basis if you regularly use your Jacuzzi.  With irregular use or where less people use it, it could be acceptable to check the filter only every other week.  If the filter is dirty, it can either be cleaned out, usually with a power sprayer.  You may also get a new one, but these are quite expensive.  It is also more environmentally friendly to clean and re-use your current filter than it would be to throw it away and get a new one.  Keep in mind that the filter does have a limit on its life expectancy, so it will probably have to be replaced at some stage.  If you are unsure about the condition of your filter or how to clean it out, you should speak to a reputed Jacuzzi provider such as Summer Place, where the experienced technicians will be able to advise on the cleaning and maintenance of filters.  They will also be able to tell you when it is time to get a new one.

3. Check chemical levels:  Ensure that the chemistry of your tub is checked every day in order to be certain that the pH levels and levels of sanitization are adequate.  You can do this with little pH measuring paper strips which you can purchase from your Jacuzzi supplier, and then adjust your chemical levels accordingly.  A good hot tub retailer such as Summer Place will be able to offer guidance on how to use the strips and also how to re-balance the levels once it has gone out of balance in order to keep the water germ-free and clean.

4. Spa shocking:  This really just means that you should add sodium hypochlorite liquid chlorine to the tub.  This should be done on a daily basis if the tub is used.  If the tub is not used, a shock every other week should suffice.  If the tub is run at very high temperature you can get away with shocking on a weekly basis.  Shocking is done in order to exterminate any germs, bacteria or algae and is an essential part of tub maintenance.

Jacuzzi Repairs

However well we look after our hot tubs, at some stage they will become old and then problems may occur and repairs may be needed.  In some cases it could be as simple as the replacement of a part or a pipe, and in others it could be more complicated such as the replacement of the entire circulation system.

Whatever repairs you need, contact a reputable supplier such as Summer Place to ensure that you get great service and that your hot tub will remain problem free for the foreseeable future.   The technicians at Summer Place are well trained and experienced, and are helpful and friendly.  In addition we have all specialist tools to fix all the fittings on our tubs, and we ensure that we are well supplied with parts, so you will never spend weeks waiting for a part to arrive!  Our maintenance team will provide great workmanship and provide you with peace of mind.  All you have to do is to soak in your wonderful Jacuzzi!

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