Jacuzzi – Hydrotherapy With Your Own Jetted Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi – Hydrotherapy With Your Own Jetted Jacuzzi

Hydrotherapy With Your Own Jetted Jacuzzi


We discovered the magic and therapeutic benefits of massage and immersion in warm water ages ago. Combining these two elements results in the fundamental principles of the Jacuzzi. A spa’s magic lies in its expertly contoured seating comfort, its ambient water temperature and the type, nature, force and placement of its Jacuzzi jets, which are key components of effective, targeted hydrotherapy treatments.


New, Improved Jacuzzi Jets


Summer Place Spas and Baths have introduced a new and improved range of jets, which are now used across our entire premium product range. Our groundbreaking patented jets incorporate a combination of powerful jetted water streams and air. The inclusion of air ensures that the jets deliver comfortable, relaxing deep tissue massage.


Summer Place’s Centre Air Induction Jets introduce air into the centre of each stream of water, a technique that allows three times more air to flow through each jet. It’s a system that’s earned worldwide recognition as a design that delivers the most effective, deeply penetrating therapeutic massage.


Summer Place’s Jets



A Jacuzzi without its jets is merely a tub of warm water, so it’s worth taking a closer look at our range of state-of-the-art jets.


  • Shiatsu microjets

The Shiatsu microjets are clustered in groups of 6 – 14 to deliver a fingertip type Shiatsu massage to an extensive area of the body.


  • P30 centre air induction jets

The air induction jets provide an impressive 130 litres of water per minute with an equally remarkable airflow.


  • Volcano jets

These jets are specifically designed to supply a flow rate of 150 litres/min. They enhance variable deep yet supple massage to hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, and thighs with sports massage techniques, which speed up muscle recovery.


They are equipped with Shiatsu micro jets, that target meridian flow channels and para-spinal muscles in a mid to lower back and seat combination. Using the variable pressure function the Shiatsu micro jets can restore and maintain the body’s energy flow, equilibrium and rhythm.


Select Hydrotherapy


The purpose, function and performance of a Jacuzzi relies on its jet system. We understand the importance of high-quality jets in a Jacuzzi, which is why we only use our state-of-the-art jets in all of our premium spas. Get in touch with us today to discuss your spa, bath and Jacuzzi needs. With Summer Place Spas and Baths, you can have access to hydrotherapy treatments in your own home.

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