Jacuzzi | Health | Relaxation | Benefits

Jacuzzi | Health | Relaxation | Benefits

A Jacuzzi at Home: The Health and Relaxation Benefits and More

In South Africa and elsewhere in the world, where the health, relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits of using a Jacuzzi are recognised, this innovative product is extremely popular. The word ‘Jacuzzi’ has become a common reference to all hot tubs and spas.


‘Hoover’ once was synonymous with vacuum cleaners, even to the extent of referring to the action of using vacuum suction power (or ‘hoovering’) to collect and clean dust and debris from carpets and floor surfaces. Likewise, ‘Jacuzzi’ has become the preferred name for hot tubs, whirlpool tubs, jetted baths and spas. It refers to the initial Italian inventor who invented a portable pump that created jets of water to provide a pain-relieving massage and relaxation. A Jacuzzi that featured an integrated jet system was to follow from 1968 onwards.


Jacuzzis or Summer Place Spas & Baths

Jacuzzi That Suits Your Lifestyle - Spas

These jetted tubs have become aspirational must-haves to own at home. The spas designed and manufactured by Summer Place Spas & Baths are state-of-the-art, luxury products that offer users a range of benefits.


Founded in 1968, Summer Place Spas & Baths were instrumental in bringing superior spas and their unequalled benefits to South Africans by introducing our own exclusive range. Our beautiful, modern products are designed and manufactured to the meticulously high standards that are synonymous with our company, its culture and its brand. Our clients are homeowners plus organisations involved in the health, wellness, upmarket hospitality and spa resort industries, which demand and deserve the best that’s on offer.


Health and Relaxation Benefits

When the body and its muscles are free from aches and pains and the mind and soul are soothed, utter relaxation sets in, which is both necessary and healthy. Additional health benefits may include:


  • Relief from stress and pain
  • Improved quality of sleep and rest
  • Better blood circulation and overall cardiovascular health
  • Improved drainage of the lymphatic system and elimination of toxins
  • Accelerated recovery from strains and injury
  • May speed up metabolism and improve calorie burn
  • Found to improve insulin sensitivity
  • Therapeutic health-enhancing deep tissue and fingertip massage


Own Your Own Spa and Reap Its Health Benefits 

Call it a hot tub, Jacuzzi, spa, whirlpool tub, or whatever you will. Just ensure that you reap the heap of health and other benefits by acquiring a premium luxury spa from the Summer Place collection by contacting us now for expert assistance, queries, quotes and orders.

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