Jacuzzi for Sale

Jacuzzi for Sale

Turn Your Backyard into a Healing Hot Spring Oasis with a New Jacuzzi for Sale

Ever since your partner whisked you away to that healing hot water spring in Bela-Bela, you want to install your thermal hot spring at home. Not only did you notice you slept like a baby that week, but the hot water soothed your aching muscles, lowered your blood pressure, and did wonders to relax your body and mind. So, where to find your very own Jacuzzi for sale?

Lusso Portable JacuzziA Jacuzzi hot bath is a high-value addition to any property. While installing a Jacuzzi is a fantastic way to turn any dull bathroom into a tranquil, healing space, these jetted baths placed on a deck or under the stars act like a hot spring right in your backyard. A therapeutic art observed widely in Egypt, India, Europe, and South Africa thanks to its powerful healing powers, hydrotherapy betters the quality of life – and you can achieve this with a Jacuzzi for sale.


Investing in Jacuzzi Demands Much More Than a Warranty

Investing in an indoor-outdoor hydrotherapy bath with jets is an investment in your health, and it brings those monthly spa and stress therapy bills right down. However, investing in a jetted spa bath for sale is a transaction that calls for a lot more than a warranty. It demands you partner with a first-class spa bath supplier like Summer Place Spas & Bath. You want an honest, reputable hot tub supplier that understands the value of after-sales service – a service few suppliers provide.


Affordable Warranty’s and Maintenance Plans

At Summer Place Spas & Baths, our services go much further than a handshake and warranty. As South Africa’s leading Jacuzzi supplier, trendsetter, and manufacturer, we believe that purchasing a new hot tub for sale means entering a long relationship. Once a high-ticket item preserved only for the super-wealthy, our built-in and freestanding models are affordable to any middle-income earner. Further, we provide our customers with excellent maintenance and repair plans that save thousands each year.


Contemporary, Classic, and Traditional Spa Baths in Varied Shapes, Materials and Colours

At Summer Place Spas & Baths, we have one of the largest spa bath selections in South Africa. With built-in and freestanding hydrotherapy baths in a large assortment of sizes and in modern, classic, traditional, and contemporary designs, we have something for everyone. Our oval, square, and round baths come in materials like acrylic, vinyl, and roto-moulded plastic, with acrylic stealing the accolade in aesthetics, longevity, and energy efficiency.

Unless you’re going road-tripping, leaving the house is no longer necessary to have a spa-like hot-spring experience. You can buy a new Jacuzzi for sale and start reaping the many benefits of hydrotherapy. With showrooms in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town – let us bring health and healing to your home.

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