Jacuzzis are a valuable investment that can greatly augment the quality of life of any person. However, they can also be a big investment, so you need to invest in their upkeep. Partnering with a leading Jacuzzi covers supplier can help you to access the very best quality and latest hot tub covers available on the market, without breaking the bank.

Even though Jacuzzi covers do not necessarily elicit a lot of excitement, hot tub owners would soon miss them when they want to use the tub and have to struggle with removing a clog in the plumbing first. Or worse, encountering cold spa water because there was no cover to retain the coveted heat. If these reasons are not enough to convince you as to the importance of partnering with a leading Jacuzzi covers supplier for the best covers available, then consider these points.

Protect Your Hot Tub from Impurities

Jacuzzi covers suppliers provide solutions to help you protect your hot tub from impurities. It is perhaps one of the most important and basic functions of a hot tub. A cover helps to protect the tub against impurities, such as insects, leaves and random trash. It is even more important to fit your Jacuzzi with a cover if it is located outdoors.

A hot tub cover can also protect pets and children from getting into the tub itself. Don’t run the risk of your child getting injured by falling into a hot tub, when there is such an easy and affordable way to eliminate the risk entirely.

Protect Your Tub from Direct Sunlight Exposure

Direct sun exposure can be a very good way to cause permanent damage to any hot tub. This is especially true in South Africa, where temperatures can rise into the extremes. Jacuzzi covers suppliers take this into account and produce covers that reflect the realities of South Africa’s climate. Quality tub covers protect hot tubs against the harmful effects of the sun, thanks to their thickness and the quality of the raw materials with which they are produced. Keep in mind that outdoor covers wear more quickly than those used indoors.

Retain the Heat and Save Energy 

Every South African has become more energy conscious in recent years. Everyone wants to save and conserve electricity, and find ways in which to increase energy independence. The electricity costs involved in maintaining a Jacuzzi can be lowered by using covers. The reasoning behind this is that the covers, manufactured from insulating materials, help to retain heat. When you want to heat the tub up, or need to leave it unattended for a short while, simply place the cover on and the water will stay warm with far less energy consumption than it would otherwise require.

Partner with Summer Place Spas & Baths – South Africa’s Premier Jacuzzi Covers Supplier

We are South Africa’s premier hot tub and Jacuzzi covers supplier, and with good reason. For decades, Summer Place Spas & Baths has led our industry into the future with quality and innovative products and solutions, and we continue to set the benchmark for excellence in the sector.

Aside from providing excellent quality and durable Jacuzzi covers, we also manufacture and supply an extensive line of spas, Jacuzzis, baths and hot tubs. Each of our baths is self-draining, ensuring that dry pumps and plumbing is emptied thoroughly after each use. This helps to keep the systems hygienic at all times and helps to prolong the lifespan of our quality units even more.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we have gained valuable insight into the needs and expectations of our customers. We use this to design and produce cutting-edge products that are in line with global trends. However, each system is tailored to the specific requirements of our valued Southern African clientele.

Save money and enjoy peace of mind when shopping with us, knowing that you always get the best deals available. Contact us at Summer Place Spas & Baths to learn more about our extensive line of Jacuzzis and spa baths, and to find out why we are considered one of the leading Jacuzzi covers suppliers on the continent.

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