Jacuzzi Baths

Jacuzzi Baths

Why Investing In Portable Jacuzzi Baths for Your Home Is a Great Idea

Many homeowners are now investing in Jacuzzi baths – not only because of the health benefits they provide, but also because they can save water, and increase the value of their homes. The idea that Jacuzzi baths save water may sound preposterous, but it is actually true. Once you have filled up the Jacuzzi, it can be used several times before the water needs to be replaced. Most of the modern Jacuzzi baths have self-cleaning pumps and filters that ensure the water remains clean and clear. So, instead of having a bath every day with new water, having a Jacuzzi means that you can recycle that water again and again. You will not only enjoy a lot of health benefits and increase your property value, but you will also save water.

Choosing Jacuzzi Baths for Your Home

It can be difficult to decide which types of Jacuzzi baths are suited to your home, because they come in so many different shapes and sizes and there are also a lot of optional extras that you can choose from. It also depends on whether you want to install the Jacuzzi indoors or outdoors. Of course, another option is to go for mobile Jacuzzi baths that can be set up and taken down as and wherever required, as long as there is enough space and a flat surface.

The type of Jacuzzi bath you choose will largely depend on the space you have available, because it has to fit into the space perfectly, while still providing access to pumps and other parts of the tub. You will also need to know how you plan to use the Jacuzzi. Some questions you need to ask include how often it will be used, how many people are likely to use it, and if any particular optional extras should be included.

Portable Jacuzzi baths have gained popularity in the market lately, because they are so versatile. They can be moved to wherever they are needed, and are not fixed to the property, which means that when the home owners move, they can take their Jacuzzi baths with them to the new property.

The PowerForm portable unit is particularly desirable, because it is designed to provide the perfect spa experience. Made from high-quality, UV resistant acrylic, it is resilient to the damage that oil, chemicals, and bacteria can cause. These Jacuzzi baths also come with a slatted wooden tub lid that closes the tub to protect it from the elements if installed outdoors.

Maintenance is very low. All that is needed is for the outer case to be wiped down on a monthly basis, and the tub only has to be emptied every two to three months, depending on how much it was used, or which chemicals were used in the water. Every now and then, the filtration system may have to be checked and cleaned, in order to ensure that the water and the tub remains in good condition and lasts a lot longer. Because our portable Jacuzzi baths are installed on an insulated base off the ground, there is no fear of flooding or moisture damage to the base of the tub.

Another main benefit of installing portable Jacuzzi baths is the sheer convenience it provides. It is easy to adjust the temperature very accurately at the touch of a button, and because the temperature is then set and automated, it will remain constant throughout the use of the tub, even on very cold nights outdoors.

The tubs are thoroughly insulated, which means that heat is not lost, and that the temperature can easily be maintained. There is also a variety of models with different types and numbers of jets to choose from. Choosing portable Jacuzzi baths will ensure that you are able to submerge yourself in the luxurious feeling of bubbles flowing around your body, and jets that massage the back, feet, and joints. It is easy to relax, unwind, and indulgence.

Choose Summer Place for Portable Jacuzzi Baths

Summer Place can provide you with invaluable advice and outstanding product lines when it comes to Jacuzzi baths. We specialise in the Jacuzzi and spa bath industry, and we are the number one Jacuzzi supplier for many different clients all over South Africa. We encourage home owners to install our products, because we have confidence in our product lines. We believe they are reliable, beautiful, low maintenance, and reasonably priced. Our technicians ensure that all the Jacuzzi baths we sell and install are suited to that particular space and environment, and that it is installed in a professional manner. Give us a call today to find out more.

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