Jacuzzi Baths

Jacuzzi Baths

Jacuzzi Baths: How to Choose the Right One for You, Your Budget, and Your Home

Spending more time at home these days and wondering how you can stay healthy and happy without going to the gym? Lockdown has forced everyone indoors, and as South Africans monitor Western Countries resigned to a second winter inside, Jacuzzi tub sales have gone through the roof – not just globally but also in South Africa.


Health Starts in Your Own Backyard

Indoors or outdoors, few people need reasons to invest in one of our many Jacuzzis for sale. They bring friends and families together, relieve stress, tension, and anxiety, leaving everyone feeling re-energized. Through the healing powers of hydrotherapy, these hot baths not only calm the body and the mind, but they also induce the bodies, natural sleep mechanics. They ease sore muscles and joints and improve ailments such as arthritis, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Beyond recreation, Jacuzzi baths are an investment in health and well-being. While many people enjoy using them during the winter months, nothing beats soaking in a jetted warm spa bath under the stars, during those beautiful summer evenings. Nevertheless, buying a Jacuzzi can be terrifying. These hydrotherapy inventions have grown from outdated metal structures that heat and hold water to contemporary jetted spas that boast technologies like ozone and saltwater systems controlled by Smartphones. Here’s how to best choose the right one for you, your budget, and your home:


  1. Shop Suppliers before Baths

A feature that can be sculptural, sleek, stylish, free-flowing, and immersive, a Jacuzzi is a valuable addition to any home. As a lifelong investment, choosing the right hot tub is not as easy as choosing a laptop or flat screen. These tubs come with so many additional features and technologies that it is easy to get influenced into buying the incorrect tub by an over-zealous salesperson. Similar to a vehicle or speedboat, maintenance and repairs are costly. You want a supplier that can provide excellent warranties, support, and affordable service plans that are efficient and reliable. To ensure you get value for money, do your homework and partner with a bathtub specialist that will listen to your needs and recommend the right Jacuzzi at a price you can afford.


  1. Stress Relief or Entertainment?

Want to relax before bed so you can kick insomnia to the curb, or maybe you are looking for a healthy way to spend summer indoors. With the focus on both function and form, modern hot tubs come with steps, massaging jets, lights, drink holders, covers, and even speakers. Some Jacuzzi baths even have cooling capabilities, particularly ideal for South African summers. As a result, you can do not have to wait for the sun to go down to enjoy your bath. Last but not least, you can even get tubs that come with built-in-water treatment systems, ensuring a clean flow of water after every use. Once you have decided why you want a Jacuzzi, then you are ready to dive into space and shape.


  1. Get Space, Material, and Shape Right

Shopping for a Jacuzzi is exciting as there are so many models and shapes. However, before you even consider the form, establish the space where it will sit. For instance, will it be a portable, freestanding bath in your en-suite or an in-ground or out-ground wooden installation under the stars next to your outdoor kitchen? Once you have chosen the right space, decide on the shape. Fortunately, modern hot tubs deliver in character, showcasing clean architectural lines and organic curves. Models range from circular, triangular, square, and rectangular to oval shapes, making these hydrotherapy inventions a lifestyle statement.

A Jacuzzi is a lifestyle and aids in self and home improvement. Whether you want an in-ground or mobile whirlpool tub, air-bath, heater bath, moulded bathtub or steam shower Jacuzzi for health reasons or for lazing about with a flute of chardonnay and your significant other—get in touch with the Jacuzzi bath specialists at Summer Place.

As one of South Africa’s top luxury Jacuzzi bath trendsetters, manufacturers, and suppliers of luxury baths, we stock a combination of both traditional and modern spas. Inspired by European trends and designs, our wide selection of built-in and portable hydrotherapy and jetted Jacuzzi baths come in various designs, sizes, and materials. Visit our showroom to learn more.

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